Favorite Posts

The Sr. Loco Saga

There is no way I could separate these posts.  They are meant to be read together in their entirety.  I wish I could say that I was brilliant enough to make these stories up; however, no fiction is contained therein.  Sr. Loco provided exceptionally good blog fodder.  I am almost sad that I no longer have any interaction with him.  I think my blog sometimes suffer as a result.

The Story of Us

Again, a series of posts that should be read together.  They contain the story of Mr. F.'s and my brief courtship.

The Proposal

A three part saga on how Mr. F. proposed.


That concludes the sagas.  Below are favorite stand alone posts, separated by year. 

English Majors
Career Options
Why it shouldn't matter what I got on my GREs
Groundhog's Day

My Day of Fate
I Jinxed Myself
A Letter
Rejection and Retribution
Secret Desire
Viva la France
My Night at a Free Love Commune
(notably, the most searched for post.  People are looking for Free love Communes apparently)

Plan B
The New Love Language
Thoughts on Easter
Scientists are Not Religious Fanatics
The Great Debate
Airing My Dirty Dishes in Public
When Two Hearts Don't Beat As One
They're Right to Keep Their Distance From Us

Green clean
Local vs. Real Food
The Small Dictator


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