Tuesday, July 4, 2017

June Happenings

I started off the month solo parenting as Mr. F had to go to Florida for work.  It wasn't *too* bad.  Mostly because Finn now currently sleeps with me in our bedroom (long story short: we just couldn't deal with him waking us up constantly with bad dreams, etc.  Having him sleep on a pad in our room wasn't working either. So, this was the viable solution) and I only had to help Enna about once a night go to the bathroom.  Also, it was manageable since Finn was still in school and occupied for most of the day.  Mr. F. has another trip coming up this summer, and I think it will be a bit harder--not getting a break from at least one child during the day.

I have found that the best way to keep my sanity while solo parenting during the weekends was to make sure we had plans that got us out of the house.  This led us to take a family bike ride, with Finn riding his own bike for the first time (for a longer ride), while I had Enna in the bike seat.  We went five miles at a leisurely 6mph.  Finn needs a larger bike, and I think that will help him not get tired so easily.

On the last Saturday of my solo parenting gig, Finn's school hosted a "Dolphin Hunt."  You paid a dollar per family for a license.  Then the kids were let loose on the school grounds to search for a token.  If you found one, you could exchange it for a dolphin that one of the staff members had decorated.  I tried very hard to explain to Enna that we could only find ONE token and then get only ONE dolphin.  But of course there were tears because she couldn't pick one out for herself.  So much sadness.  Despite the tears, it was a really fun activity.

Of course, that didn't take up enough time, so later in the afternoon, I took the kids for a hike/walk around an urban trail of their picking.  Mr. F. came home during dinner, and I could crash (literally).

Also in June, I went on a 30-mile bike ride with the Salmon Girls.  It was basically my ideal day: a day spent riding my bike with friends on a trail in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  The other two are training for a longer ride this summer and are in better health/shape than I.  The most I had ridden up to this point was 15 miles.  We went slow, and I was feeling great.  However, by the end of the day, I felt super exhausted, and the next day had me crashing hard.  I don't know if my stamina will improve as I increase my exercise more gradually (vs having a jump like that.)  Or if I will just always need to plan a full day of recovery after an effort of that sort.  I am doing loads better, and I trick myself into thinking that I can just charge ahead.  The reality though is that I am still more fragile than I would like.  Stupid auto-immune disorder.

Next came Finn's last day of school.  He did excellent this year.  I had all "my feels", but he learned lots, was sufficiently challenged, and enjoyed first grade.  He is *not* looking forward to second grade, mainly for the reason that second graders have lunch later and he does NOT want to have a later lunch.  *eye roll*  He has been super excited to be home all the time (I wish I shared that excitement).  He loves to help cook, which has been surprisingly helpful (but also more stressful too).  I am finding that having both kids home all day long is plain exhausting.  This introvert needs more than the hour long quiet time that I impose everyday.  Below is a first and last day comparison.  Unlike some other years, there wasn't a huge difference in appearance, which makes me glad.  Otherwise, I tend to get all weepy and sentimental.

And finally, we went strawberry picking!  It was a very wet and cool spring, so we are just getting into the strawberry season.  I try to be reasonable, but then I get in the field picking berries and all my hoarding tendencies come out.  Plus, I have two great pickers.  Seriously.  I am just starting to see the perks of older kids!  Both the picking and the processing (cutting off stems, etc.) went so much quicker this year.  We went twice and picked about 30 pounds of berries total.

In other random news: I finally jumped on instagram.  Mostly, I wanted to follow a bunch of people for Me Made May, but I am really enjoying it.  You will see some duplicate photos as those posted above, along with some others.

Of course, all the photos of our June happenings are found here at Flickr.

We also went camping twice in June, but that will be it's own separate post.

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