Saturday, April 29, 2017

Kid pants x 10

Although I would love to make all of my kids' clothing, the truth is: Mama don't have time for that.  I have instead tried to focus on making items that I can't find in stores to fit my kids, namely elastic-waist pants such as sweatpants, lounge pants, etc.  Even if they have a drawstring, I can't cinch it tight enough to stay up without serious discomfort.

My sewing plans: 2 sets of pajama pants for Enna using flannel I bought for a baby's blanket that never got made when I had babies.  2 sets of sweatpants for each kid (navy for Finn and navy and purple for Enna).  2 sets of fleece pants for each kid (black) for camping and outdoor play in the damp PNW.  The grand total?  10 pants.  

Since I was going to make so many pants in one go, I wanted it to be the most basic pant pattern I could find.  The pant patterns I have (Oliver + S), while awesome, include lots of little details to make them special.  I didn't want to deconstruct them back to the basic pant pattern.  (Although in retrospect, I could probably taken the free Sunny Day Short pattern and just lengthened it.)  I instead chose to use Rae's Parsley Pant pattern.  The bonus to this pattern is that it is just one pattern piece.  You can then spice this pattern up by adding pipping, pockets, patches, contrasting stripe, etc.  For $10, I feel like I got my money's worth already by making the 10 pairs of pants.  

For the pajama pants, I made as drafted.  It has a bit of a flare at the bottom for a vintage vibe.  I did not add pockets.

For the sweatpants, I straightened the leg and added patch pockets (included in the pattern.)  For Enna, I made a size 2 and added 3 inches in length.  I also knew from the pajama pants that I really needed more length.  So instead of doing a fat hem like the pattern called for, I did a total hem of 1".  For Finn, I made a size 5 and added 4 inches in length.  For fabric, I used the 100% organic cotton sweatshirt fleece from  I read that the polyester blend pills over time.  This has not pilled at all and has held up really nice.  It is *not* thick however.  I would say it is more of a lightweight sweatshirt fleece.  Still, I like it, and it has been great.  

For the fleece pants, I used the straightened leg pattern, added elastic to the leg cuff, and nixed the pockets since the fleece was so thick.  (Patch pockets would have added too much bulk)  For fabric, I used the WinterFleece from  I had ordered a bunch of different fleece swatches.  I was looking for something substantial and that wouldn't pill.  This has been exactly what I wanted. I don't have a great pictures of these plain, but you can see them in action by looking at all of our camping photos with the kids in them.  Here is one of them:

After all that pant sewing, I decided that it was my turn.  I have successfully made a couple of Scout Tee shirts, and am working on fitting a Cappuccino tunic.  Those will have to be written about on a different day.  And of course, now that summer is on the horizon, I made a quick inventory of the kids' short situation.  Enna will be fine.  She has some hand-me-downs and the shorts that I made Finn a couple of years ago will fit her once I hem them to the right length.  Finn however, will need some more made.  I plan on making two of the sketchbook shorts and two of the parachute pants shortened for shorts.  And then!  I have visions of making the kids some hiking pants using the Field Trip pattern and sourcing some nylon fabric (using the info in this tutorial).  So lots of sewing in the works!

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RFamily said...

This is 10x more ambitious than I have ever been with pant sewing ;) I think you made great choices!


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