Saturday, March 25, 2017

Finn turns 7!

We celebrated Finn's birthday this month.  For awhile, Finn was set on having a birthday party with a few friends (4).  I don't know why, but this idea stressed me out big time.  Mostly, I didn't know what they were going to do and where they were going to do it.  The weather wasn't warm enough to send them outside, and I felt our indoor space was too small for 4 boys.  Then there was the question of entertaining them.  What would we do?  I asked for suggestions on Facebook but none of them really called to me or seemed easy enough to do. Luckily, Finn changed his mind (phew!). As part of school, he learned about Chihuly and got to make pseudo glass sculptures by coloring plastic bottles and melting them in an oven.  He also watched a portion of a documentary on Chihuly.  After hearing about what Finn had learned in school, Mr. F. showed him on the map where the museum was in Seattle and what sculptures where there. Finn decided that he would like to visit the Museum for his birthday.  Crisis averted!  Family outing to Seattle?  Not a problem.

Well, sort of not a problem. I have been avoiding going into the city since I didn't want to deal with traffic and parking if we took the car over on the ferry.  However, the alternative, the public transportation system, seemed a bit scary and mysterious as well.  Nevertheless, I pulled on my Big Girl Pants and decided maneuvering public transport was going to be part of the adventure.  (And Mr. F. took care of getting transit cards, etc.)  It was great!  The kids loved taking the bus.  Navigating transportation ended up pretty painless after downloading an app that let us know where bus stops were and which bus to take.  And while in Seattle, we got to see Auntie Yola! Now that I have done it once, I feel much more confident and see more trips in the future.

The museum was very cool (although, my kids were blazing through it), and I took a bunch of pictures.  Finn, too, was very excited to bring his own camera and to document the experience.  He took a number of pictures as well.  It would be nice to go back when it was not so crowded too.  (It was the weekend and a gloriously sunny day in Seattle so...) We had plans to go up on the Space Needle, but it was busy, and we needed to get back before they had an opening. Another trip is in order, obviously.

Finn requested waffles for breakfast; cheeseburgers, mashed sweet potatoes, and roasted carrots for dinner; and chocolate cake with white icing saying "Happy Birthday" for dessert (very specific).  (There was a huge episode regarding the cake and misinformation regarding the flavor of frosting actually desired, but it all was sorted out in the end, thank goodness.)

Finn is super into legos, books, coloring, and StarWars so his gifts reflected that: an adult animal coloring book, a jump rope, two lego sets (one StarWars), a couple of books, and some games.  He is not so much interested in having his picture taken.  There are not a lot of happy kid posing pictures.

This boy. He is an adult in a seven year-old's body.  It causes both him and us, his parents, some frustration at times. But he is so loving, sweet, helpful, intelligent, responsible, and fun.  He loves to see new places and experience new things, which makes him a great travel companion.  I just hope that has he gets older and is able to do more things, that some of the frustration he feels with decrease.

I took a ton of pictures of the day, especially at the museum.  You can see them here.

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