Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Enna turns 4!

Enna at four is such a fun little person.  I really enjoy having her company during the day while her brother is at school. She is sweet, silly, funny, loving, and only occasionally difficult. She loves helping me bake (oatmeal, bread, cookies, etc.)  She begs to play games, her favorites being Enchanted Forest (a Christmas gift for the kids), Zingo, Animal upon animal, and Count your chickens.  She would play games all day if I were so inclined (which I am not.)  And she always wants me to read to her, or listen to audiobooks.  And, so much of what I wrote in this post is still 100% true.

For her birthday, she chose cheesy eggs for her birthday breakfast; a bean and cheese quesadillas with a "bacon and cheese salad" for dinner (that is verbatim); and chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting for desert.  So far, none of my kids have a favorite breakfast, dinner, or cake that they have repeated every year.  It is fun to see what the choices are every year.  The desert is always a wild card with Enna.  For a while it was going to be a bunny cake.  And then a hamster cake (?!)  A week to go, she decided chocolate cupcakes and strawberry icing was what she wanted, and since it was SO MUCH EASIER than anything else she had put forth, I committed her to that.

For gifts we got her the oh-so-wanted cash register (that her brother took an instant hankering to), a teapot for her play kitchen (an actual teapot since our old one that we were letting her use broke and a play one was not going to cut it.), some stuffed animals (of course! But not enough for her liking), and books.  (Have you heard of Brambly Hedge?  They are the cutest collection of stories about mice that I have ever read.  The style is similar to Beatrix Potter.  I find myself salivating over the food descriptions.  It is a perfect fit for Enna.)  Mr. F. also had Finn pick out a gift for Enna this year for the first time.  It was fun to see Finn so excited for Enna to open his gift.  He found a coloring book and a card he knew that she would love.

That was the extent of the celebrations.  If she is anything like her brother, I think she might want a bit more excitement for subsequent birthdays.  *sigh.*  Right after her birthday, we experienced a month and a half of sickness.  It was crazy and exhausting. I am knocking on wood that we are finished with it by now. I *am* thankful that both Enna and I could celebrate our birthdays sick-free this year which has not been the case in years past.


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