Friday, May 20, 2016

Moving out and driving across the country

Just a little photo documentation of our move and drive across country.  Shockingly (*sarcasm*), I didn't take many pictures on our drive.  That could be because 1) I was just trying to get me and my dodgy thyroid across the country before one of us failed.  2) I drove the entire way.  3) I was traveling with young kids.  4) We had a fairly tight driving schedule based on the need to meet the truck in Washington and the number of hours we could realistically drive with the kids before their whining rendered us unconscious.

Phone picture dump:

I wasn't going to take pictures of our house before we left.  Good riddance and all that, but someone mentioned that I should so, I did.  The inside pictures were taken to share with the kids who were at a friend's house.  They wanted to know how much longer it was going to take.  Actually, I loved our townhouse, and I REALLY loved the central air.  I just didn't love the neighborhood or the area.  Now I really dislike the fact that we can't rent or sell it.

We picked up Grandma and some cool shades from Grandpa's ophthalmologist office.  We also gave the kids our old iphones and some headphones and let them listen to a bunch of audiobooks.  To be honest, this worked much better with the 6 year old than the 3 year old.

My top advice for surviving a long-distance trip across country with two kids:  Take two separate cars and split the kids up.  On the second or third day, I asked myself, "Why is this trip so pleasant?  This is actually really enjoyable!"  And then I realized that it was so enjoyable because I only had to deal with one child, who was easily entertained by audiobooks for most of the day.  The last part of the trip with me and both kids was not nearly as wonderful.  Luckily, Grandma was with me to mitigate the bickering.  Mr. F. and I have seriously thought about taking two separate cars on all of our family trips as a result.

Visiting cousins for the first time.  These two girls are only 10 days apart in age.  We also saw college and high school friends in Illinois and Wyoming.  

Visiting Great-Grandparents.

Finn Lost both his front teeth on our trip.  Thank goodness the Tooth Fairy was still able to find us!  The first tooth was lost while visiting Great-grandparents.  It came out while he was chewing a piece of caramel candy.  The second tooth came out while visiting an Aunt and Uncle.  We joked we needed to stop visiting family or else Finn wouldn't have any teeth left.

In the end, the trip showed that a lot of my anxieties and concerns were unnecessary.  The kids did a great job sharing a hotel room and being in the car for a long time.  

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