Monday, August 29, 2016

In a blink of an eye

I have a previous camping trip that I want to post (and I will and back date it), however, I thought I would post something timely for a change.  And so I bring you the craziness that was our past weekend.

It started as a really fun camping trip--one last Hurrah before Finn started school.  (!! But that is another post for another time.)  We chose to camp at Kalaloch, WA--part of the Olympic National Park that is right on the Washington Coast.

Mr. F. purchased new shades for the kids which was an awesome surprise.  Enna really, really liked hers and wore them most of the day.  We got to the campsite at 2:30.  By pure chance (since there weren't a lot of options when I made reservations), we had an awesome campsite with camp sites on both sides but otherwise at the end of the campground and really close to the water.  There was even a little enclave where we set up tent amidst the trees and brush.    

We set up camp and then went down to play at the beach.  I didn't bring swimming clothes since it was going to be cool, and I mistakenly thought that we wouldn't get wet or swim in the water.  That was silly, because it was nice to splash in the shallow waves and Enna's shorts got soaked.  (And then stayed soaked because they were jean shorts.)   Regardless of the temperature, I think I should always bring swim gear.  It is just easier even if the plan is to just play in the sand.  Finn was petrified of the waves.  He was scared that they would suddenly and unexpectedly get huge and break over our heads.  He was afraid that the tide would come in quickly and get our things wet.  We tried to get him to splash and play in the water, but he wouldn't.  He then freaked out whenever the rest of us spent too much time in or near the water.  That was really frustrating, because I was enjoying it so much and so was Enna.  I didn't want to deal with his anxiety.  Enna on the other hand was having a blast!  In fact, I wished she showed a bit more caution.  She would walk towards into the water, not realizing the waves would return.  When the waves did return, she would get quite wet and be thrown off balance.

We spent an hour at the beach and then had to return back to camp to get started on dinner.  The kids rode their bikes around the campground while Mr. F. and I prepped dinner.  We kept it simple with hamburger patties, potato packets, cucumbers with hummus, and apple packets.  

We were in the process of cleaning up when Enna, being silly and teasing her brother with the fact that she got a bite of cookie and he did not, bumped into the fire pit, lost her balance, and placed her hands into the fire pit with the still burning embers.  Mr. F., using his quick reflexes that apparently I lack, scooped her up out of the pit.  Luckily, we had a tub of water that we were going to use to rinse dishes and so we placed her hands into that immediately.  I then tried to soothe her while also trying to calm down Finn who was in a full-on panic mode, saying things like, "Is she going to die?!" over and over again.  (And I know it is really scary for him too, but dude!  I can't give him comforting hugs because I am trying to take care of his sister--the one that is actually hurt!  It tried my patience.)  Meanwhile, Mr. F. was calling Dr. C., a best friend and pediatrician, to see what we should do.  Answer: clean, put Neosporin on it, make sure it stays wet, and bandage.  The answer was not to put butter on it, which is what I was thinking.  I don't even know where I get these ideas.  Historical fiction novels?  I swear I have read that butter is good for burns, but obviously, not in the current day when there are first aid kits available.

We also needed her to be seen fairly quickly at either the urgent care center at home the next day, or the ER in Port Angeles (on the way home) that night.  In either case, the burns had to be kept clean which meant that we had to pack up camp and leave as camping is not conducive to cleanliness.

(Confession:  I was gutted, and still am actually, that we had to leave.  I was having *such* a good time, and it was so pretty there!  Plus, it was a three plus hour drive, and we hadn't even been there for that long.  Also, I had put in a weeks worth of effort for camping only to have to bail within a few hours.  It makes me feel horrible that I was/am so upset about having to put my daughters well-being first.)

Mr. F. turbo packed everything up in the car while I sat in the car comforting Enna (and Finn) while entertaining them with videos on the iphone.  Then we drove the two hours to Port Angeles to wait in a super packed ER room.  Apparently, that was the busiest they have ever been, and we were lucky to be there on that auspicious night.  We arrived at 10:30 and didn't leave until 3.  Enna was pretty awesome during the whole thing, content with being held.  Although she broke my heart when she kept apologizing for falling in the fire.  My poor little lamb.  Finn on the other hand......

Finn was in full-blown panic/anxiety mode.  He was freaking out about staying up so late and not getting any sleep.  He repeatedly asked (and by repeatedly, I mean every few seconds or minutes) when the doctor was going to come with the paperwork so that we could leave.  His "ticks" were in full force: twirling his hair incessantly among other things.  He was just crying and circling and all together miserable and not in control of himself.  He also kept apologizing for not behaving, which twisted my gut, but just couldn't prevent himself from asking and twirling, and just going crazy.  

The ER doctor broke that news to us that this particular ER was ill-equipped to handle burns.  Instead, we needed to drive to the hospital in Seattle that houses a burn unit and have them take care of Enna.  This, of course, was after much back and forth consulting with various hospitals, taking pictures of the burns, etc.  I knew that Finn was in no condition for more waiting at hospitals (he had been pushed past his emotional limit).  That he, not to mention myself, needed sleep desperately.  However, I also felt that Enna needed to be seen sooner vs. than later.  As we basically live on the way to the burn unit, I had Mr. F. drop off Finn and I, while he continued on with Enna.  I also, knew however, that Mr. F. was in no condition to drive to and from Seattle on no sleep that night and very little sleep the night before.  We ended up making a few calls at 3 am on a Saturday morning to a few people at church, hoping to find someone who would A) answer their phone and B) could drive Mr. F. and Enna to Seattle and back.  Thank goodness we did, because Mr. F. was fried and would have been a hazard.  

So, Finn and I slept  (Finn woke up after 6 hours saying he was refreshed and ready to start the day, blast him) while Mr. F. and Enna spent the next 12 hours traveling to and from and waiting at the hospital.  The final prognosis was first and second  degree superficial (meaning skin only) burns.  We have to change the bandages every 24 hours, keep them clean and dry, and try to stretch her hands carefully every hour while she is awake.  She is also on a strong pain medication.  In reality, she is doing awesome! Although she occasionally complains and fusses that she wants her bandages off, she mostly acts normal.  She can even color pretty well with her left hand (her dominant hand and also the one more severely burned) although she has taken to coloring with her right as well.  

The whole experience has been stressful and emotional obviously.  It is alarming how something can go so easily from delightful to nightmarish.  

And I definitely want a re-do at Kalaloch.  

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RFamily said...

I would have been absolutely crushed about having to leave after all the work of getting there. So glad E is going to be OK, but very, very sorry the trip had to end so abruptly. You definitely deserve a do over!


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