Sunday, February 14, 2016

Enna Turns Three

I am writing this at the end of May, although I will post this on her birthday date.  We found out we were moving right before her birthday, and it has basically taken me this long to 1) process any pictures, and 2) find time to write this.  

Enna at three loves birthdays, and she loves stuffed animals.  Something that she loves even more than birthdays and stuffed animals?  Stuffed animal birthdays!  Every day or every other day, one of her animals (Tulip, Mercy Watson, Bunny, Owl the penguin, Elephant, etc.) is having a birthday.  Sometimes they share birthdays.  This makes them very ancient animals now, and I am surprised to find them still kickin' in their longevity.  She celebrates their birthdays by making cakes and salads out of her wooden play food and bowls.  Sometimes, she takes paper, rips it up, and adds it for flavor.  "Spices," she calls it.  If she is being a bit sneaky, she will add tea to the menu in the form of water and ruin her nice wooden kitchen with it.  (Not that this has happened recently or anything.)

She has taken to "reading" books to herself and to me.  "Reading" involves reciting surprisingly long, memorized passages of her favorite books.  A few that she knows quite well are "Tacky, the penguin" and "Martha Speaks."  She loves listening to audio books like her brother which helps with quiet time and long car rides.  I love to hear her laugh at something funny that she hears in the story.

She has also recently started writing.  Her writing looks like a bunch of E's and some I's.  Not really surprising as they make up a large portion of her (real) name.  I love it.  

I weaned her a couple of months before her birthday.  I was prepping her to be done at three, and then it just got to the point that I was done.  Nursing to bed was not calming her down at all, and I found it annoying.  I needed to explain a few times why we were done, and that was it.  The joy of extended nursing: you can explain to them why your are weaning, and they understand!  I have been enjoying the freedom of taking turns with Mr. F. putting her and Finn to bed.  Now, I just lay down with her and have snuggles until she falls asleep.  Since she is not much of a snuggler during the daytime, I really enjoy these moments at night.  I love when she asks me to "keep her safe" which means to put my arm around her.

She is very sensitive.  When she gets in trouble for being naughty, her feelings are hurt in the most excruciating way, and she needs lots of loves better.  Mr. F. says that I am just like her.....supposedly.  I guess we don't do well with "personal criticism," as Anne would say.

For her birthday, she requested pancakes for breakfast, and a birthday dinner of egg salad on toast with green beans.  For dessert, she waffled between chocolate cookies with strawberries (her own concoction) and pumpkin pie (which Finn had requested) and the pumpkin pie won out.  Immediately after her birthday, she started talking about what she would have for her next birthday, which she didn't understand was a really long time away.  

For gifts, she got a number of books because she loves to read, some more stuffed animals (the menagerie keeps growing!), a handmade robe since she complains about being cold in the morning (this ended up being way more expensive to make that I anticipated), and an apron to wear when she helps me cook (from Little Things to Sew).  She was less than excited about the homemade items on her actual birthday (I shouldn't be surprised, but I always am.)  But, they have been used since quite a bit.  Her aunt made her a purse which she loves to play with too.  That was on my list of things to sew for her birthday, but I ran out of time.  I am glad she still got one.

I feel like I could expound indefinitely on all her likes and her sweetness, but I will end by saying that I love being with her, even at the difficult age of three!

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