Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Field Trip to the Natural History Museum and The Air and Space Museum

I feel like I may have mentioned this fact (however given the topic, who can be sure?), but I have a pretty poor memory.  I don't think I alway have been this way, but ever since having kids, and not sleeping, and various health issues, and depression, I feel like my ability to retain memories of anything, be it good, bad, or neutral, is non-existent.  The number of arguments between Mr. F. and I that include the phrases: "We have not talked about this" or "You never told me/mentioned this." are innumerable which indicates that this might actually be a problem.  So, indulge me here in my senility while I take the time to fill in the blanks of the past few months.  If I don't write something here, it will surely slip away.

When I decided to homeschool Finn for Kindergarten, one of the benefits I looked forward to was making our own schedule.  We could take field trips during the week!  We could travel during the week!  We could avoid crowds at all cost!  And then it looked like we weren't going to take advantage of any of those perks.  However, one Thursday in September, Mr. F. took the day off of work, and we went up to D.C. to check out the Natural History Museum and the Air and Space Museum.  We had visited these two museums Thanksgiving Break the previous year with cousins and it was so crowded!  Besides seeing family, we didn't get much out of the trip.  This time, however, we basically had the run of the place.  So much nicer!

We started of at the Natural History Museum.  The kids enjoyed looking at the fossils and the stuffed (taxidermic?) animals.

We ate our lunch which we brought (chicken stew kept warm in thermoses, crackers, cheese, and apple slices) at one of the cafe's in the museum.  While I often complain about having to schlepp our food everyplace, it has its perks: the kids prefer eating familiar food but enjoy the new surroundings.

Afterwards we headed off to the Air and Space Museum.  It was o.k.  The kids had fun playing in the inside of an airplane, but I think a lot of it was over their heads.  (Ha ha ha. *slaps knee* A bit of a pun there since much of the museum is suspended above one's head.)

The funnest part of the day, according to the kids, was yet to come.  The kids love riding on the metro.  A trip to D.C. is not a worthwhile trip unless we have gone on a "train ride."  We took the metro to Adams Morgan in an attempt to visit a gluten-free bakery.  We got there.......only to find that the bakery closes early (2pm) during the week.  After a moment of great despair, we rallied and found a place to get some smoothies/lemonades and a cookie.  The only person really bummed was myself.  We then trekked back to the car and drove the hour and a half home.

The kids loved it.  They are such better travelers now (as long as it is just a day trip, and they can still sleep in their own beds.)  It is so nice not to worry about naps, diaper changes, etc.  They love seeing new sights: Tall buildings!  Trains!  Overpasses!  Everything is just so exciting to them and the excitement is infections.

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