Monday, June 29, 2015

Sewing: Kid clothes

I have been taking great satisfaction out of making clothes for my kids that actually fit them.  Having pants that fall off their bum (because they are no longer in diapers and are so skinny in comparison to their height) turns out to be a huge pet peeve of mine.  Who knew?  So I have been practicing my sewing skills and learning new ones by sewing up some pants that fit.

This below outfit I made in March/April.  It is the Field Trip Cargo Pants and Raglan T-shirt pattern from Oliver + S.  I omitted the cargo pockets because I thought they would add unnecessary bulk.  Also, the pattern doesn't include any closure to the pockets, and I didn't want them to just be flapping.  And while other people have developed different solutions to the pocket dilemma, I just didn't want to spend the effort troubleshooting.  In any case, I *love* how they turned out.  Finn loves to wear them.  I also doubled the fabric on the knee patch area--a really simple solution since it is a separate pattern piece.  The fabric is a medium weight twill that has a really soft nap.  On some of the seams, my machine really struggled.  However, I had read on another blog to hammer denim fabric to make it easier to sew.  I gave it a try on the parts that were rather thick, and it worked like a charm.  I also used a denim needle.

The shirt is a super easy sew and also turned out really well.  I had enough fabric to make another short-sleeve shirt version with the opposite colors (green body, gray sleeves).

Cost breakdown:

Pattern: Field Trip Cargo Pant and Raglan T-shirt = gift
Kaufman Montauk Twill in charcoal: 2.5 yards @$8.98/yard = 22.45
Kaufman Laguna Stretch Jersey Knit in heather pepper: 1 yard @6.98/yard
Kaufman Laguna Stretch Jersey Knit in grass: 1 yard @6.98/yard
No-roll elastic: $0.55 for 3/4 of a yard.

Total: $36.96 for 2 shirts and a pair of pants.

The shirts were a lot cheaper than what I could buy for similar quality.  The pants were about the same as those I could buy (e.g. Land's End Iron Knee pants).  Also, I think I have enough of the twill left over to make some pants for Enna, so that makes the price a bit more reasonable.

I also decided in a fit of insanity to make all of the kids' shorts this summer.  Again, part of that was to get the right fit for both Enna and Finn.  Finn can still fit into his 2T shorts of 3 years ago, but they were getting a bit short.  Enna was fitting into a size 12mo but those were a bit short too.  I used both the Sunny Day short pattern from Oliver + S which is a free download and also purchased the Sketchbook short pattern for something a bit more grown up for Finn.  (That pattern includes pockets and a faux fly.)  For both kids I used the pattern size that corresponded with their measurements for waist and hip but then added extra length. I don't have any formal, posed pictures, but below are pictures of them in action.  Finn is wearing the Sketchbook shorts and Enna is wearing the Sunny day shorts sewn in a knit.

Cost breakdown:

     Sunny Day Shorts = free
     Sketchbook shorts = $15.95 (made without the pleat)

    Kaufman Carolina Gingham in orange: 1.5 yards @$6.95/yard = $10.43
    Kaufman Interweave Chambray in khaki: 1.5 yards @$8.98/yard = $13.47
    Kaufman Chambray Union Indigo: 1.5 yards @ $7.98/yard = $11.97
    Interlock in heather grey: 1 yard @$7.98.
    Valori Wells Quill Interlock in purple: 0.5 yards @ ?/yard = $7.49

Elastic: about $6.00
Number of shorts made: 11

Total: $73.29 or $6.66/shorts

The price per pair will decrease as I make more since I included the price of the pattern in the total.  Could I find similarly priced shorts at Target?  Yes.  But these fit.

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