Saturday, May 23, 2015

May Happenings

May has treated us well.  The weather has been really nice, and I am really enjoying my children at their current ages.  It makes a huge difference to be more mobile.  Enna is potty trained and now sleeps in a big bed.  We more or less get sleep at night.  Life is good.

We have a historical site near us where the docents don historical garb and show visitors life in Colonial America.  For May Day, they had special activities planned: a outdoor performance of The Tortoise and the Hare, people spinning wool, some historically appropriate vendors, hair wreath making, maypole dancing, etc.  We came at the end which worked out well.  It wasn't overly crowded, and we got to participate in the Maypole Dance.  The weather was perfect and everyone was entertained.

We also went camping for the second time.  We decided to ventured out a bit further than before by traveling to Harper's Ferry--a 2-3 hour drive from our home.  It is a quaint historical town near the intersection of two rivers: Shenandoah and Potomac and and three states: Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.  It was really the perfect trip because it hit Finn's Trifecta: Trains, Biking, and Camping.  There were a number of trains, tunnels, and tracks which brought delight to both kids.  Also, there is a canal path that runs from DC all the way to Pittsburgh, PA and part of the path is right there at Harper's Ferry.

I decided a while ago that I want to be a family that bikes.  It seemed like it would be a great way for us to get outside and be active together despite having younger children.  It meant investing in some substantial gear, but it has been worth it.  I have loved our family bike rides, and I love this mode of exploring new places.  On our ride at Harper's Ferry, I kept brainstorming other places that would be fun to visit and also bike friendly.  Our current set-up is a child seat on my bike for Enna and a trailer bike attached to Mr. F.'s bike.  I admit, I get the better end of the deal.  While I have to deal with the occasional kick to the backside and the added weight, Mr. F. has to cope with the completely unpredictable pedaling and lurching from Finn on the trailer bike.  It can be a bit amusing to ride behind them and see it all in action.

For camping, we went to the The Treehouse Camp.  I have to admit, the place was not like I had pictured in my mind based on their website.  I was thinking of something a bit more rural and secluded.  And while it is located in a wooded area, that wooded area is smack dab in the middle of a residential and farm community.  In the end though, it was great, and I would have no regrets going back.  We didn't stay in one of the tree houses, although they looked fun.  Instead, we tried out our family tent for the first time.  It was fun to wake up in the morning and hear the birds sining.  It felt like camping in an arboretum.

I don't think anyone sleeps well with kids in tents.  (If you do, please don't tell me.)  While Finn has gotten better about falling asleep with it still being a bit light, Enna will not.  And he can't really fall asleep while Enna is insisting that she doesn't want to sleep yet.  So that means a really late bedtime with a normal wakeup.  The kids run around on a 3 hour deficit which by day two, means things get really hairy, really quickly.  Once asleep, they are fine except for the complete lack of motor control by the children which makes them toss and turn and whack you in the face or other body parts.  Needless to say, two nights, is my max at this point.

We brought the kids' bikes for them to use around camp and also visited a local playground.  I wanted to explore more of the town of Harper's Ferry or do some hiking on the Appalachian trail, but we ran out of time and sanity.  I am trying to decide on our next camping location which probably won't be until fall because trying to sleep when it is hot and humid is my idea of purgatory.

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joyce hanks said...

Wish I was with you the month of May. Sounds like you had so much fun!


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