Thursday, April 16, 2015

Finn at Five

It seems fitting that Finn's birthday write up should be as equally delayed as Enna's.  Equality among siblings and all that.

At five, Finn still needs lots of snuggles, which is great because Enna is not much of a snuggler at all (unless her brother is snuggling and then she suddenly develops a strong need for them.)  He loves projects and making things.  More than anything, he wants to be involved.  That could include helping me clean, or cook, or garden.  He loves to learn.  He enjoys filling out worksheets, reading, and practicing writing.  This bodes well for our next adventure: homeschooling.  He asks a billion questions a day with much repetition.  I try to be patient but, it is a work in progress.  He struggles a bit with anxiety.  I know the current topic of study at preschool due to his anxious questions regarding crabs or lobsters (last week) or bees and spiny caterpillars (this week.)  He shows great concern about anything that could potentially cause hurt.

In general, he is a fantastic older brother.  He loves playing with Enna and thinks up many games for them to play together.  And yes, he does enjoy being able to boss another person around.

He is tall and skinny.  Lately he experienced a growth spurt where he grew half an inch in just a couple of weeks.  I know this because I measured him for clothes and then a couple of weeks later we measured him again for a project and whoa......the mark was in a completely different spot.  That could explain how he can pack away a significant amount of food and why he suddenly started waking us up multiple times a night.

He is a boy that needs lots of love and patience, and I try my hardest to give it to him.  Sometimes I am successful, and sometimes I am not.

For his birthday, we celebrated by making paper crowns, eating waffles with chocolate syrup for breakfast, and having a special dinner of bean and cheese quesadillas, cauliflower, and most importantly chocolate cake for dessert.  We also took in some chocolate cookies to his preschool class.  And what happened after all this chocolatey indulgence?  He had a bit of an upset stomach the next day.  It is a hard lesson to learn: that one can have too much of a good thing.  For gifts, he received a pedal bike, a number of books, a small lego set, a remote-controlled train, a monster bowling set, and a trip to the zoo.  It really was a wonderful birthday.

More pictures can be found on my flickr page.

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