Monday, March 9, 2015

Sewing: Little Red Riding Hood Cape

Having spent so much time on the cape, I think it deserves it's own blog post.

The cape had a two scissor rating, one of the more easier patterns from the book, "Little Things to Sew".  According to Oliver + S, two scissors indicate an Advanced Beginner: someone who has sewn from a pattern before or has taken a few classes and completed several projects.  I thought that it would be a fairly straight forward sew.  I felt pretty confident in my sewing abilities to tackle that pattern.  And while there wasn't anything intrinsically difficult about the pattern, it wasn't trivial.  This was my first time working with a lining.  I loved that it was fully-lined, but that doubled the amount of fabric pieces.  The three-dimensional hood was a bit tricky too.  I messed up attaching it to the main part of the cape.  I had to unpick and hand-sew a small bit.  It all came together, but it reinforced that idea that I am still learning and very much a beginner when it comes to sewing.

That being said, I can't say enough awesome things about the pattern.  I had heard that Oliver + S patterns (or Lisette patterns in general) were the cream of the crop in terms of attention to details and construction, etc.  They are written really well and are very instructive.  It is nice to learn the correct way of doing something versus the slap-dash method found in other patterns or online tutorials.

For the fabric, I used Kaufman 21 wale corduroy in red for the main and Art Gallery Rapture Butterfly Bliss Aqua for the lining.  I ordered both from  I was hoping the the reds would match well enough since I couldn't see them in person.  It is always a bit of a gamble when ordering fabric online, but luckily, both of them were perfect.

Cost Breakdown

Pattern: Little Things to Sew Book sold on Amazon for $19.01 but used gift certificate.
    Main: $14.22 @ $9.48/yd
    Lining: $14.93 @ 9.95/yd
Thread: 4.00?
Buttons: Grandmother's button box

Total: $33.15

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