Monday, March 23, 2015

Fictional Personality Typing: Anne of Green Gables

After reading MotherSytles and thinking obsessively about my personality type and those of my acquaintances, my mind wandered into the realm of fictional characters.  Anne of Green Gables for instance.  I have always felt that I could be Anne in real life, baring the unfortunate lack of red hair.  In any case, I believe she is a kindred spirit, my fictional soul mate.  Perhaps I have felt this way because we have similar personalities?  I decided to do a little fictional personality typing.

I: I think we can all agree that Anne is an introvert.  She takes long, solitary walks.  She immerses herself into books.  She always is described as just having a few close friends.  These characteristics are classically introvert.

N: Anne is not into the mundane and the nitty gritty.  She is the type of person to get swept away by the chariot race in Ben Hur and ignore geometry.  She needs places that have "scope for the imagination."  She will make a fine plum pudding sauce, but forget to put the cheesecloth on top because of her day dreaming.  She is also more inclined to see the big picture: cow in the cabbage patch.  And not the details: not her cow, Dolly.

F: Anne is definitely an F.  She is a sympathizer.  She makes decisions based on her feelings and of those around her.  There is a section in Anne of Avonlea where Anne, Jane and Gilbert talk about discipline:

"I could never whip a child," said Anne with equal decision. "I don't believe in it at all. Miss Stacy never whipped any of us and she had perfect order; and Mr. Phillips was always whipping and he had no order at all. No, if I can't get along without whipping I shall not try to teach school. There are better ways of managing. I shall try to win my pupils' affections and then they will want to do what I tell them."

Anne also likes to "fly on the wings of anticipation" and wallow in the depths of despair.  She has a hard time keeping composure when teased about her hair and, out of the blue, breaks her slate over Gilbert's head.

P or J:  Now this is the tricky letter.  This letter has to do with how to one likes their outer world structured.  The problem here is the lack of data from the novels.  A J likes organized day-to-day living, structure, smooth-running household, etc.  P is spontaneous, process- and experience-oriented, relaxed about clutter, disorder, chaos, relaxed about plans going awry, etc.  Among the internet, most people have classified Anne as a P.  I tend to differ, but of course I have an ulterior motive here (my thesis being that she is my personality twin.)

When we look at Anne as an adult, we see that she has help running a household from Susan and things run smoothly.  (Smoothly enough that it doesn't warrant a comment in the novels.)  Is this because of Anne or Susan?  In the earlier years, a couple of instances are mentioned in the books about Anne running late due to distraction.  (I.e. getting Mr. Hammond his lunch and so he gets himself into a rage and dies.)  These appear to be isolated events however, and not a character trait.  We do know she does chores on a regular basis (her inclination or Marilla's, we don't know.)  She always is able to keep herself more or less on task in terms of school work, employment, etc.  These points lead me to say she is more likely to be a J than a P.  (Most likely she falls someplace in the middle of the J and P spectrum.)

So there you have it.  Proof (ha!) that Anne is an INFJ just like myself.  No wonder I feel so connected!

Turns out, fictional personality typing is totally a thing.  A brief internet search has found the following INFJs:

Christina (Divergent)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars)
Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)
Hermione Granger (HP)--(I actually don't agree with this one.  I think she would be more S than N.)
Jane Eyre
Kermit the Frog
Galadriel (LOTR)
Frodo Baggins (LOTR)
Albus Dumbledore (HP)
Yoda (SW)
Harry Potter
Nancy Drew--(Maybe this is another reason I read so many Nancy Drew novels as a child?!)
Elizabeth Bennett
Indiana Jones

Of course you can find a number of other sites having those same characters typed as something else (see chart below).  It is a fun, albeit rather pointless, pastime.


RFamily said...

I've been wondering - I should have guessed ;)

Amy Johnson said...

I love this! I totally agree with your typing except on P/J. Anne seems like a total P to me! I definitely see her as being spontaneous and flexible and not the to-do list type at all. I think any structure we find in her life is imposed or encouraged by other people, but I think if she could spend a day any way she wanted to, she would want to follow her own whims and fancies as they came to her.


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