Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Enna at Two

People!  My family and I are stuck in this vortex of sickness.  I honestly can't remember the last time all of us were well.  Enna usually falls sick first, followed in a few days by Finn, then Mr. F. and I fall victim.  The whole process is then repeated.  I thought perhaps we might have a break after this last bit (Mr. F. and I are still hacking, but health could be a possibility soonish?), but Enna is again running a low-grade fever and is congested.  This has been our life for the last month or two.  I am sick of the cold, sick of being sick, and sick of our house.  Spring and health can't come soon enough!  This is all to say: here is a birthday post a few weeks late.

Head circumference: 48.5 cm (75%)
Height: 33'' (25-50%)
Weight: 22.3 lbs (< 5%)

Enna turned 2 on Valentine's Day.  People are always remarking on her size.  "She's so petite!" While she isn't breaking any records for size, she isn't too far off others her age that we see.  Instead, I think people comment because they mistake her for being older.  People have asked me if she was starting preschool next year when she wasn't even two.  Enna is very self-possessed, and I am convinced she thinks she's four.  She doesn't understand why she can't attend preschool with her brother, when she obviously knows she is completely capable!  She is also quite verbal and lacks the puffy diaper-bum sported by her contemporaries (we potty-trained at 21 months like we did Finn).  All those characteristics combined make her seem much older than her age.  Even the pediatrician commented on it when we had her well visit.  (The pediatrician said she acted like a 3.5 year old.)

We are still nursing, but celebrated her birthday (ha!) by cutting out her last remaining night nursing session.  Now we are down to morning, nap, and bedtime.  I never would have pegged me for an extended nurser, but, there ya go.  I am still enjoying those quiet bonding moments.

Enna likes to: run so fast, jump off pieces of furniture with no fear, play with her brother, read books, cut paper, color with crayons and markers (left handed!), play in water, quote sections of books, be silly, play outdoors, give love to stuffed animals, and whine like a siren.

We celebrated by eating birthday pancakes, opening gifts, and having a special dinner of cream of tomato soup (her favorite) and grilled cheese (Finn's favorite) with dessert being vanilla pudding (wasn't a fan) and gingerbread cookies (was a fan).

We gave a number of homemade gifts this year.  I made a felt crown (using this pattern), a Red Riding Hood cape (from Little Things to Sew), and a latch board.  Plus she received a number of books from us and the Grandparents.  Truth be told, only the books have been much of a hit so far.  (Although Finn really loves the latch board.)  I am thinking she might grown into the cape and crown as she grows older and is more inclined to pretend play.  (Something I think she might do more than Finn--who just doesn't show much interest in that sort of thing).

Needless to say, we love her to death and are inclined to keep her around.

More photos to be found on my Flickr photostream.

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joyce hanks said...

Such a precious girl!


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