Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sewing: Finn's quilt

I made this goal to learn how to sew clothes, and then I go and start a massive project like sewing a quilt.  I guess I have a bit of ADD when it comes to sewing; I am easily swayed by new, shiny things or ideas.  It took me just over a year to make this--with long periods of inactivity.  Finn kept asking, "when are you going to work on my quilt?" And, "when will my quilt be finished?"  You know, just to add to my guilt at taking so long.  Initially, I thought I would have someone else quilt it, so that it would actually get finished.  But I just couldn't stomach to price tag, especially as I wanted the quilting to be simple, straight lines to complement the top.  That decision meant I had to pin the blasted thing together (with some help), and quilt it on my machine.  It is a twin size, which is about the largest size I would want to quilt on my machine.  It was awkward to handle that much fabric.

The pattern was this free one I found online.  I was looking for something that was visually appealing to me and dead easy.  The pattern fabric was the "Friendly Seas" line by Robert Kaufman which I fell in love with and scoured the internet for.  It is backed in green flannel.  I love having flannel as the backing.  It makes it just so comfy to cuddle up in.

I plan on making up the same quilt for Enna, but with different fabrics--one with cute Russian dolls and churches on it.  I have all the fabric (except for the flannel backing which will be yellow), however, I am going to give myself at least a year if not more, before I tackle another quilt.  I have a number of smaller sewing projects that I want to finish--many of them clothing.  Here is hoping to a year of sewing accomplishments!

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