Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2/52: Nature

This week was not conducive to beautiful nature shots in the outdoors because 1) it was super cold all week and 2) I am a mother of small kids.  I don't necessarily have the luxury of taking drives looking for photographic inspiration.  I feel that this challenge will be learning to use what is immediately available.

The first set of photos I took on a wet drizzly day in the morning before rushing to get everyone dressed and out the door.  I awkwardly held an umbrella over my head and tried to wrangle the camera.  The kids were left indoors with instructions to watch out the window and not freak out.  However, a couple of days later, it snowed.  This provided a new white backdrop to get some nice shots.  I ultimately used the first one, but which one would you have picked?

Also this week:

  • So close to finishing Finn's quilt.
  • First snow of the year.
  • Caused Finn's primary teacher to quit because I asked (politely I thought!) if she could not give the kids snacks. Oh, the drama this caused!
  • Planning some homemade gifts for Enna's 2nd birthday which may or may not actually be completed in time.

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