Friday, January 2, 2015

2014's Christmas Advent Books

This is the list of books we read this December, counting down until Christmas.  I love how easy this advent is--just requesting books from the library, yet the kids find so much joy in it.  They love finding and reading a new book every morning.  What are the favorite Christmas books at your house?

1. A Creature was Stirring: The classic "T'was the Night Before Christmas" mixed with a new story about a boy who can't sleep.

2. Listen to the Silent Night: A new one for us.  It is one of the few religious books that I liked.

3. A Very Fuddles Christmas: Not a big hit at our house.  We haven't read any of the other Fuddles books.

4. Christmas Eve at the Mellops: I requested this via interlibrary loan.  It was a cute story about a family of pigs with too many Christmas trees.  It got a few reads.  Enna is currently a fan of piggies.

5. My Pen Pal, Santa:  Finn really liked this book.  We read it almost every night.

6. A Christmas Tree for Pyn: Cute illustrations, but a lot of text on each page.

7. The Jolly Christmas Postman: One of the best Christmas books out there, in my opinion.

8. Just Right for Christmas: The red cloth that keeps giving and giving.  Cute illustrations.  Enna really liked the phrase "snipped and sewed and snipped and sewed" that was repeated throughout.

9. Little Santa: "Read the Santa book!" usually meant this one.

10. Room for a Little One: O.k. story but overdone illustrations.  Yet, there are so few religious picture books out there that are better.

11. How Many Sleeps 'til Christmas?: another book that got lots of readings.

12.  Peter Spier's Christmas: I looked at a number of Peter Spier's books growing up, but not this one.  Despite it having no words, Finn really liked talking over the pictures in this one.  I liked this one too.

13. Olivia helps with Christmas: Enna is a big fan of Olivia and really liked this book.

14. Christmas in the Barn: Nice illustrations and text for a religious picture book.

15. The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree: I am a huge fan of Barbara Cooney's illustrations.  These are great.  And Finn is just to the age that he could deal with the lengthier text.

16. Christmas in the Country: Loved the nostalgia of this one.  Nice to illustrate how Christmas can be simple and still enjoyable.

17. Pete the Cat Saves Christmas: I am not a huge Pete the Cat fan, but man, do my kids love this book.

18. Toot and Puddle: Let it Snow: Toot and Puddle can do no wrong.

19. Toot and Puddle: I'll be Home for Christmas: Again.  Toot and Puddle.

20. Millie in the Snow: Finn is getting a bit old for this one, but Enna loved the cow.

21. Snowmen at Christmas: Both kids love this book.  Finn likes to look for the hidden pictures and wished all books had them.

22. The Christmas Magic: A nice quiet Christmas book that I love, even if the kids were only slightly interested.

23. T'was the Night before Christmas: I figure the kids should be familiar with the classic.  I tried a different illustrator this year.  I liked it, but Finn thought the woodcut illustrations were a bit scary.

24. Merry Christmas, Strega Nona: Finn doesn't know if Santa is real, but Strega Nona definitely is.

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