Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 in Review: New Recipes

{Pictures taken from original sources.  Links below.}

Starting out with the first of my review series by looking at the new recipes I tried this year.  Initially, I wasn't sure that I would have much to write about.  I have been more content with making our tried and trues.  (And I get tired of my children asking, "have you made this before, and I have I liked it?") However, I came up with 12 new recipes that were solid and have made it into our rotation.  You will also notice that they aren't anything fancy.  I spent a lot of this last year solo parenting dinner and bedtime, and I wanted something that 1) would be easy to make and 2) my children would eat.  

Braised chicken in tomatillo sauce.  I leave out the hominy due to corn allergies, but otherwise, this is very tasty.

Broiled parmesan and lemon chicken.  Mr. F. doesn't like this dish because it involves a citrus/meat pairing.  But, I make it all the time anyway because it is so good AND it is super easy.

Korean Burgers.  These are awesome with some homemade kimchi and chili sauce.

Chicken and wild rice casserole with broccoli.  This is a SmittenKitchen adaption that adds chicken.  Since I always make it with chicken now, I liked to this version.

Sweet potato foil packet tacos.  Made these when I was avoiding dairy for a bit.  The kids really loved them.

Lettuce wraps.  I was looking for a decent, easy lettuce wrap recipe, and this is it.  I use turkey vs. chicken, tahini vs. peanut butter, and nix the water chestnuts.

Chicken caesar salad wraps.  This is not a 30 minute meal for me, but worth the effort to make tortillas for.

Jalapeno turkey cheddar burger.  A decent turkey burger, especially if adding guacamole.  The key is to find the fattiest turkey you can and to not over cook.

Turkey burger with romaine and carrot slaw.  I haven't actually ever made these with the slaw, although it does look tasty.  Again, find the fattiest turkey and don't over cook.

Creamy chicken/turkey soup with wild rice. I made this with Thanksgiving leftovers and it was heavenly.

Meatballs in a tomato cream sauce.  I make these with beef, and the tomato cream sauce is the bomb.

Chicken in Milk.  I love how easy this is: throw everything in and let it cook.  Granted, I make a number of alterations: I leave out the lemon and cinnamon.  First time it was because I didn't have any lemons and I thought that the garlic and sage would be better alone than with cinnamon.  And now, I just don't want to mess with a good thing.

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