Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

A couple of Sundays ago, there was a baby blessing at church.  In all seriousness, I leaned over and asked Mr. F. if we had blessed Enna (who will be two in February).  I honestly could not remember.  He assured me that we had.  We took no pictures, and I made no reference to it here on the blog.  I like to think that I would/could remember significant events, but it appears that I can not.  This is why all other blogs you might be currently reading will be rounding up the best of 2014 while I will be spending the time catching up on Thanksgiving.  (You can expect the "best of" posts sometime in February perhaps.)  Also, future Enna?  In case you read this, it is not because I don't love you.  I just have poor memory helped on by some postpartum depression.  Hugs!

We started our Thanksgiving celebrations by checking out some books from the library.  The books that were a hit were the following:

Balloons over Broadway:  Finn seemed more interested in this book this year than last year.  Of course we had to read it to give context to our own balloon parade.

The Night before Thanksgiving: nothing to special, just a fun rewording on "The Night before Christmas."

Thanksgiving Day: This was a surprise hit.  A preschooler tells the story of the First Thanksgiving as he learned and acted out in preschool.  I think it helped that Finn also learned about the First Thanksgiving in preschool and that the names, etc. were familiar to him.  Enna also took to the story, especially the part where the Mayflower "tossed and rolled and tossed and rolled."  She spouted that phrase a month later, and I had a hard time placing it.  Finn helped me out.

The Thanksgiving Door:  Enna loved the first page of this story where Ann burned Thanksgiving dinner and it had to be tossed in the trash.  The kids also might have really enjoyed my interpretation of an Easter European babyshka.  

Strega Nona's Harvest: Because we really like Strega Nona.

Mr. F.'s sister and family joined us for Thanksgiving.  The last time they visited us, we were on the GAPS diet, and I had unsuccessfully tried to adapt these individual pumpkin puddings from Smitten Kitchen.  Mostly, I think they were just glad to have some normal looking pies on offering this year.  I was all for trying something new, but Mr. F. said most emphatically that he really just wanted plain pumpkin and plain apple pies.  Noted.

As I don't perform well under pressure and am an unfortunate stressed out hostess despite all my efforts and intentions, I kept the menu simple:

Mashed potatoes
Cranberry sauce
Apple pie (without the lattice top and a variation on her all-butter pie crust to make it more GF friendly)

I liked everything, so success?

This kids had a great time playing with the cousins, and of course we had our 2nd annual balloon parade.  It gives us a a reason to get outside for a brief spell before dinner and also makes for some fun pictures.  The weather was not as idyllic as last year.  Warmer, but rainy.

The day after Thanksgiving, we trekked up to DC to see some museums.  I think everyone else had a good time, but Enna was exhausted from having visitors and not napping well (or at all) the few days prior that she just sort of melted into a mess of radioactive woe.  She cried most of the drive to DC.  At the museums, she was overwhelmed and tired.  I ended up spending most of our time there taking her back to the car in hopes that she would nap only to discovering that she wouldn't nap, shlepping back to the Mall to meet up with Mr. F. and Finn to ultimately just return back to the car and drive home.  Such is the life of a parent of small children.  One day, things will be different.    

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Jaimee said...

I hear you on the "life with small children." They sure know how to ruin a nice family outing don't they? Our winter trip to the Wisconsin Dells water parks was mostly me standing around shivering with Avery while the olders and Brian when down water slides. Awesome.


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