Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Well, despite my resolution from last year to be awesome and actually pass out candy, we didn't.  I put it off until the last minute, and then became overwhelmed.  I didn't want to buy any candy that we couldn't keep in the house, and there is very little candy that falls into the category of being gluten-free AND nut-free.  So, we left the house empty and dark while we went trick-or-treating to other residences instead.

Finn was super excited about Halloween and trick-or-treating this year since he had so much fun last year.  This year, he was a policeman.  His costume (which we bought because it was just easier and ultimately less expensive) included a whistle which he took great enjoyment in blowing.  He blew at any and all cars to let them know we were in the vicinity.  His hat, which fit poorly, kept resting sideways at a jaunty angle.  My jolly little policeman.

This was Enna's first year trick-or-treating.  Initially, she just wanted to ravage the flowers of our neighbors, but quickly grasped the idea of going up to doors and waiting for them to give her candy.  Both of my kids seem to care less about the actual candy itself versus the acquiring of said candy.  They loved filling up their sacks, and it didn't really matter with what.  We dressed Enna up in a dinosaur costume my sister made for her kids and is now making the rounds with mine.

I still need to figure out what to do with the candy after it has been acquired.  Like I mentioned, most of the candy handed out we can't keep in the house due to food allergies.  What ends up being left is candy that is straight sugar and loaded with food dyes which is less than ideal.  If I had been on top of things, I would have had replacement goodies to offer.  I tried to present the idea of swapping out the candy with a toy, book, etc., but I don't think Finn was understanding the concept.  He really didn't want to swap out his candy (that he could physically touch) with some vague promise of something else.  Shocking.

I also learned, after the fact, about the Teal Pumpkin Project which is a campaign to raise awareness about food allergies and to provide non-food treats.  I think I might do this next year if I can be on top of things.  It means a bit more effort on my part to scout out options that are reasonably priced, etc.  And next year, I think I will need to have a toy, book, goodies, etc. right on hand to give in exchange for the candy we can't (or don't want) around.

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I love their costumes!


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