Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fun Halloween Reads

I don't know who exactly my intended audience for this post is.  A significant portion of my small readership don't actually have kids of their own.  Another portion have much older children, and these books are geared towards the toddler and preschool audience.  And the remaining are probably familiar with the books listed.  I guess, in writing these books down, I have them in a convenient location for next year when it is time to request Halloween books from the library.


Too Many Pumpkins: This is a new title for us this year.  A women, who hates pumpkins, suddenly finds herself inundated with them.

The Widow's Broom: This is rather text heavy and good for older preschoolers/grade school children.  there is a twist at the end which is rather fun.  It is a story about a magical broom.

Oliver and Amanda's Halloween: A cute little chapter book about carving a pumpkin, picking out a Halloween costume, and going trick-or-treating.

Creepy Carrots: A favorite here.  Carrots are lurking everywhere!

Frankenstein: a ghoulish take on the classic Madeline.

Ghosts in the House: The cutest book ever about a witch who takes care of her ghost problem.

Halloween Mice: More for the toddlers in your house.  Full of mice-like sounds as they celebrate Halloween.

Popcorn: This might be hard to find.  There is only one copy in all of the three counties included in our system.  However, it is a fun story.  A bear throws a Halloween party and there is an abundance of popcorn.

Pumpkin Jack: The life cycle of a jack-o-lantern.  We like this story since our we had a pumpkin plant growing from our former jack-o-lantern who met his demise in our garden.  Too bad our pumpkin developed rot before the cycle could be complete.

Room on the Broom: A number of characters try to hitch a ride on a broom.

Sheep Trick or Treat: By the same author and illustrator as Sheep in a Jeep.  The sheep dress up and trick-or-treat in the barn.  They are able to scare away some wolves lurking nearby too.  The rhyming text is fun for the young readers, I love the drawings.

Tell me, are there favorite Halloween stories that you read every year?


MBC said...

Thanks for this! I'm not a huge Halloween person, but I always like to get the kids holiday books from the library and I'm not up on my Halloween picture books.

RFamily said...

I am your intended audience! Me!

Other hits this year were Bone Soup and Lulu and the Witch Baby.


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