Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The No Nap

Parent puts child down for a nap just like she always has.  Child refuses to sleep.

Parent: Why won't my child sleep!?

Parent, in a panic, starts googling, "19 month old has stopped napping."  She reads the hundreds of forum posts under the exact same title, and finds responses such as:

"My child stopped napping at 15 months!  Some children just don't need much sleep.  He is just like me!"
"Do everything to get them to nap!  Preschoolers even need naps!  Naps are crucial to brain development!"

Parent starts imagining a world where her child never sleeps and has inferior intellect because of it.

After an hour or so, Parent succumbs to the reality of the moment: Her child is not going to sleep today.  She picks up child and catches a whiff of something not so fresh.  She peaks inside the diaper and discovers a smelly, brown surprise.

Mystery of the No Nap solved.......for today.

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