Thursday, September 11, 2014

School Days

Last week, Finn started preschool.  Up to the very day, I was vacillating between being very nervous and very excited.  Nervous because I wondered if three hours in the morning, five days a week would be too much, and was I throwing him to the wolves?  Excited since most of our "altercations" stem from boredom, and the kid just wants things to do.

Enna has some concerns
So far, it has been great.  He showed no hesitation or anxiety about walking in with the other kids to the classroom and leaving me behind.  He comes home in a good mood and has nothing negative to report.  And every day, he wakes up and is excited to start another day at preschool.  We do have some behavior issues in the afternoon though.  We have instances were he lashes out because he is too tired from having to self-regulate at preschool for a long time.  I sort of expected this and am just trying to deal with it the best I can.  Ideally, he would have a bit of quiet time after preschool while Enna naps.....except that Enna has switched to napping during preschool.  Ultimately, this works out the best for me and bedtimes, but not so great for Finn's decompression.    

Of course, after only a week of preschool, Finn has been struck down with a virus.  Nothing too serious thankfully, just congestion and a low-grade fever.  But, it is never fun to have a sick child.  They just look at you and say, "mom, why do I feel so yucky?  Make me feel better."  And there is very little that you, as a parent, can do.

This never happens....except when sick.

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