Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My kids: side by side.

Parenthood.  It does a number on your ability to remember things, probably stemming from lack of sleep and resultant loss of brain cells.  As a mother of two now, I will occasionally look at my second child and try to think back on what happened with child number one at the same age.  Is this sudden clinginess the age, or is it personality based?  Was Finn sleeping better yet by now, or no?  When did all those wretched teeth come in?  Things as silly as hair thickness may get me a bit worried.  (Enna has quite a bit of hair, but it is baby fine and thin.  Of course I am paranoid and shallow enough to think it might always be like this.)  Surely, Finn's hair was thicker by this point, wasn't it?  You get the gist.  

For kicks, It thought it would be fun to put some side by side pictures together of Finn and Enna at the same ages.  I went into the archives expecting that I would need to be selective, only to find that I had very few instances to choose from.  I thought I was doing a pretty good job of taking pictures of my second born, but the evidence suggests otherwise.  Oops!  Might need to make that more of a priority in the future.  *cough, cough*

I did manage to come up with two comparisons: one at 6 months and the other at 16.  For some reason, I am actually surprised by how dissimilar they look.  There is such similarity at times in behavior at each of these ages (i.e. their sense of humor, games they like to play, etc.) that I expected it to somehow manifest itself in looks too.  In terms of differences, Enna, at 16 months, is much more adventurous, stubborn, and a bit more verbal.  Some of that could be personality, some of it is sex (girls tend to develop verbally earlier), and some of it could stem from the fact she has an older brother to copy.       

I perused the archives of this blog to see what I wrote about when Finn was 16 months.  There was so much cuteness, but there was so much that was hard.  This age is just so physically demanding with the nursing and the lack of sleep and the still wanting to be held and be a part of things.  This time around though, I have some perspective and know that life won't always be like this.  Finn, right now at 4, is really, truly wonderful.  (I couldn't say that about 3.)  And as cliche as it sounds, that time flew by fast.  I look back at these pictures of cute little Finn and wonder where the time went.  (Not sleeping!  That was for certain.)  Looking at these pictures almost makes me want to rouse my kids from their sleep and smother them with kisses, but that is crazy talk.  I will never get in-between my children and their sleep.  Instead, I will sign off and join them.  I know where my priorities are.    

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Anonymous said...

You know, you're not the only person I know with a young child who said that about three (alas, they're still in the weeds). Or, as they put it, "all these behaviors mean my child is learning and acting in developmentally-appropriate ways...but I'm not sure we're going to survive it."


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