Monday, May 19, 2014

Picture Perfect Mother's Day

Everybody on Facebook posted all these happy, joyous updates on Mother's Day which were calculated to spread love and warm fuzzies.  My status, on the other hand, was "Mother's Day is such a joke."  Obviously, I am the feel-good friend that you want at any party.

You could say that my day was less than idyllic.  Hopefully, my children won't remember the Mother's Day where I completely lost it and then spent hours prone in a dark room avoiding everyone.  It turns out that changes in hormones plus exhaustion (brought on by a sick child) is a recipe for a depressed Lady Susan.  Add to that a neck muscle spasm that partly crippled me, and you should have a clear idea of how my Mother's Day actually went.  It was the sort of day I would normally choose to forget and scratch from records expect for 1) Mr. F. who masterfully took care of the kids and dinner while I was "indisposed," and 2) the children who were so concerned and sweet to me after I came down.  Finn made sure to show me his artwork that he made me special for the day.  I guess I will keep them around after all.

Mr. F. and Finn enjoyed a Father/Son campout the Friday night before Mother's Day.  They made me a leaf rubbing.

Thumbprint flower made at church.  Finn requested I leave the room so it could be a surprise.

And My personal favorite:

"I had a hard time drawing mommy, so I drew Humpty Dumpty instead."

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