Thursday, April 17, 2014

The next scheduled bathroom cleaning is September 2015

I needed to clean the bathrooms.  This was not some OCD expression on my part (ha!), but instead an actual health concern.  There is "immune strengthening" and then there is a "public safety issue."  My bathrooms were teetering or maybe even straight up wallowing in the second category.  I mentally told my kids to suck it up and to entertain themselves.  I needed to rally the troops (i.e. gather the cleaning supplies) and advance on the enemy.

My children surpassed my low expectations and played independently quite nicely while I worked, causing only mild havoc on the rest of the house.  I, prematurely patted myself on the back as I attacked the shower.  I had saved the worst (and the most involved) for last.  It was while I was engaged in attacking mold and mildew, scantily clad in a plastic and tile box that Enna grabbed the liquid ant bait trap.  I looked up only after hearing Finn's hysterics.  "She has the ant medicine* and is spraying it all over!"

Indeed.  Enna had managed to drip sugary borax solution all over our master bedroom, yoga mat, books, and her hair.  I left the unfinished shower, to grab the ant-killer bedribbled girl.  I rinsed her hands, ineffectually wetted her hair (we had to give her a bath later to get it all out), and shut her in her room while I wiped down the sticky trail left by her play.  After the ten minute detour, I went back to cleaning the shower.  By that time, however, I felt rather defeated.  I was in no frame of mind to wage war against things so insidious as mold and mildew.  I took out some soap scum and called it good.

And this is why the bathrooms get cleaned every lunar eclipse versus something more socially acceptable like every week.

*Mr. F. must have described the ant trap to Finn in those terms.



Melanie said...

Ha! I love the title of this post. I try and give the bathroom a nice wipe-down every week but I'm the worst at really scrubbing the whole room down. I prefer cleaning the kitchen over cleaning the bathroom any day.

RFamily said...

This post sent me scurrying to hide my ant bait.

As you know, I would not be able to keep my bathrooms out of the hazard zone without paid help, so I am impressed.


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