Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One Year

Enna at a year:
  • Is walking!  She is now tries to walk to whatever her destination instead of automatically crawling.
  • Is opinionated.  The wrath is strong with this one.  She likes to face-plant herself on the floor in abject despair if she has been thwarted in her desire.  Even if she has been denied for her own protection.
  • Is chatty.  She communicates in serious and energetic babble whether she is upset or happy.  is very communicative whether she is upset or happy.  I would love to know what she is saying.  Or perhaps not.
  • Can chill.  Finn doesn't ever chill and relax.  Enna on the other hand will recline on the couch, or on me, or on the floor, looking at whatever she has in her hand.
  • Loves the green chair.  She especially loves it if she has a view.  It is her special spot.
  • Thinks she is a preschooler.  She wonders why I try to stop her from what all the other kids in preschool are doing and learning about.
  • Competes with her brother on whom mom will hold.  Or who gets to sit in my lap.
  • Loves being held and then having one of us run her around the house.  Bonus if we are also chasing her brother.
  • Communicates using her own signs.  Chest patting means she wants to nurse.  Raised elbows means she wants to be picked up.  And one arm swinging means she wants you to run around the house while carrying her.   
  • Hates to have a barrette in her hair.  She pulls them out, and then I can't find them.  I joke that she is my free-spirited hippie love child who just needs to feel the wind rushing through her hair.
Length: 28 inches (25%)
Weight: 29 pounds, 4 oz (25%)
Head: 42 cm (75%)

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