Friday, February 28, 2014


Alternative Title: The Winter of My Discontent.

It has been cold.  Everyone knows that.  I am the last person on the internet to be talking about the Long Hard Winter that Never Ends.  I don't mind winter, if I am prepared for it.  But living where I do, we get maybe one significant snow a year that lasts a few days.  The rest of the winter alternates between being cold (but nothing too extreme) to mild.  With weather like that, I am not going to invest in any serious cold-weather gear like I would if I could expect this for months out of the year.  The result is: we have been stuck inside too much with far too few and too brief excursions out into the wild.  We also live in a place that has virtually no family friendly indoor facilities (a problem during the never ending heat of summer too.)  So, we have become quite rabid and snappy being cooped up with little to do and too much energy.

A brief venture outside

We have been sick.  If it hasn't been too cold to venture out and about, then we have been too sick.  First Enna was sick for a week with this nasty viral fever/congestion/cough thing, then Finn and I were sick the following week with the same bug, and finally it was Mr. F.'s turn.  Just when I thought we were out of the woods, Enna became feverish again last night and all of us are experiencing a surge of the sniffles.  Seriously.  This needs to stop.  Don't tell, but I kind of blame Enna.  She is at that stage in life where she just wants to shove everything in her mouth, and it just isn't hygienic.

Enna and I celebrated birthdays.  However, Enna was sick at the time so.....It was rather anticlimactic.  Mr. F. made a cheesecake for my birthday desert, but Enna got nothing.  She has just started eating solids and all the desert options I brainstormed include ingredients that we haven't introduced yet.  We didn't even bust out the camera when she opened her gift (Rody the inflatable horse, which she loves.)  I think she will still turn out o.k. even though she didn't have an elaborate 1st birthday party and a mini cake to consume.  Bonus: we have no photographic evidence to remind her how she totally got jipped on her first birthday.  If I recall, this was our strategy when Finn turned one as well.  Parenting Win!

I am teaching preschool.  Finn is doing a co-op preschool with four other kids this year and each mother is teaching for six weeks.  It is finally my turn.  My blogging/sewing/reading/me time has been absorbed into browsing Pinterest preschool boards, googling activity ideas, and general preschool preparation.  The two hours and fifteen minutes that I teach twice a week leave me feeling crazed and wiped out afterwards.  I survived my first week and only have five more to go!  *maniacal grin and high five*

The letter F.

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