Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 in Review: Favorite Posts

I wrote 45 posts this year, which was down from last year (70) but slightly up from 2011 (40).  There seemed to be a good mix of family updates, food posts, and then whatever struck my fancy.  My five favorite posts, however, form a pretty coherent picture of my year--big events and significant struggles.

Enna's birth story: The most momentous day of 2013.

Choosing happiness: I still struggle with this.  I also struggle with choosing complacency vs action.  Does choosing to be happy mean being complacent?  Can I still be happy but work towards improving our situation?

On my mother, motherhood, the Atonement, and grace: This post was such an awakening for me.

Shifting baseline of moderation: I have spent the last year trying to limit our sugar intake.  It has made a huge difference.

A third-life crises: Finding time to create and learn.

Again, I wish I could squeeze a bit more time in to write on a more regular basis (as well as to sew and read and reconnect with Mr. F.).  But, the recurring theme in my life right now is that there are a lot of needs and not enough time.

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