Friday, December 6, 2013

November in a Nutshell

I declared November to be a month of pies.  I made this apple slab pie no less than three times (once for Thanksgiving), a paleo pecan pie that tasted like pancakes since I used maple syrup for sweetener, and an updated version of our traditional pumpkin chiffon pie.  I am tempted to make this a tradition--to make a pie every week of November.  That way, I can explore the many different pie options while still keeping family happy by having the traditional apple and pumpkin Thanksgiving Day.  I planned on squeezing in this sweet potato pie before Thanksgiving, but we ended up getting sick for a week and a half, and I lost my pie-making mojo.  I will just have to make it this weekend since I have all the ingredients.

We succumbed to malaise for a week and a half.  Finn first became ill, and I prematurely patted myself on the back for my superior immune system since I didn't immediately get sick.  Needless to say, I gave way as well.  Rather inevitable since my child was breathing, coughing, sneezing mere centimeters from my face for large portions of time.  I am grateful, however, that Enna remained healthy.  Small mercies.

We hosted Thanksgiving.  My two sisters and associated family drove down to spend the weekend with us.  It was wonderful, even with the added chaos that 6 extra people bring.  It is so fun to see the cousins interact with one another.  I am grateful that we live close enough that we can gather at holidays, but also wish we lived even closer so that we could do this more often.  We bought a 20 pound turkey, because I sometimes can't shake the "more is better" attitude, especially when it comes to food.  20 pounds is pretty much the limit I think on what we can handle in terms of oven space, roasting pan size, brining vehicle, etc.  It was difficult to tell when it was done.  Next year, I think 18 pounds should be the maximum.  Note to self: bigger is not always better.

We threw a Thanksgiving Day parade complete with helium inflated balloons.  The idea stemmed from reading Balloons Over Broadway, one of the many Thanksgiving themed books I checked out from our library.  After reading it, I attempted to show Finn the actual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from last year and was disappointed in the lameness of it all.  I forgot, or it has morphed since my childhood viewings into one giant advertisement for the networks.  Instead, Mr. F. and I dreamed up having our own parade complete with balloons.  It was an absolute hit with the 5 and younger crowd.  The 8 and 10 year old (and adults) were good sports about playing along.  The balloons afterwards provided excellent entertainment.  (And are still going strong weeks after the fact.)

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