Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Memories

We spent the two preceding Christmases at our house.  One year because we were sick and the second year because 1) I was very pregnant and didn't want to travel and 2) because we wanted a small family Christmas.  I do really love having Christmas at home.  There is something magical about waking up Christmas morning in your own bed and to see all the Christmas splendor in your own home.  While, I really do love our small, intimate Christmases, I have decided that I don't want all of them to be spent that way.  I also want the loud chaos that comes with spending holidays with extended family.  I love seeing cousins playing together.  I love the family gatherings around the table with good food to eat.  (It is even better if I don't have to make it!)  That is why we decided to make the journey to my sister's to spend Christmas there.


  • Trains!
  • Free entertainment in the form of cute cousins
  • Having aunts and uncles willing to take my children so I could do things like use the loo and talk to Mr. F.
  • Seeing my sisters
  • Seeing my brother-in-law's family who I love but see rarely
  • Snow!
  • Finn's excitement over his new balance bike and other toys
  • Enna's love of her uncle.
  • Having the cousins play so well together
  • Seriously good food

And yes there were a few undesirable moments--like the last hour and a half of our drive back home where Enna cried and screamed in exhaustion.  (Our children and their specific sleep needs--absolute darkness, their own rooms and beds.  They do not sleep in the car unless they have just pushed themselves over the edge.)  Mr. F. and I looked at each other and said, "This is why we don't travel.  We are never leaving home again."  Which is what we say every time.  And it is true until we forget past nightmares, or we deem the overall experience worth the pain.

Some pictures:

Cousins at play

Peeking through the stockings

Waiting to open stockings Christmas morning

Balance bike!

Robots.  More specifically, Ollibots!

More pictures here.

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RFamily said...

I love the look on his face as he opens his ollibots! Excited to see in person. How is the balance bike? I think it was a great choice.


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