Saturday, October 19, 2013

Enna at 8 months

At 8 months Enna is:

  • Mobile!  Within the past month, she has mastered the art of army crawling and toe push-offing.  While she does pop up onto her hands and knees and attempts to move that way, the coordination is not quite there.  Being on the move has made her so much happier.  The short period of time where she wasn't mobile but bored just sitting?  Killer.  She protested anytime I put her down.  She wanted her own personal shuttle around her domain.  She still does if she gets too tired, and when she can't get places quickly.  (Oh, and look, Finn did this too.)
  • Needs complete darkness to fall asleep (like her brother and dad.)  This means that regardless of how exhausted she is, she will not fall asleep before 7, because that is when the room is dark.  Too bad this system doesn't work in the morning to my favor.  She has no problem waking up for the day when the room is pitch black.  
  • Has started initiating games.  Usually that entails flipping over while I am attempting to change her diaper and making an impressive dart to the opposite end of the bed, gleefully giggling with laughter.  
  • Hates to lie still to have her diaper changed.  
  • Is pulling up to standing.
  • Loves to climb pillows, couch cushions, and if her mother would just give her more opportunities, stairs.
  • Not eating solids.  But not by her choice.  She loves sticking food into her mouth and has a great time munching on broccoli and cauliflower stems.  However, every time I introduce a food (BLW style), she sleeps poorly.  Perhaps it is a coincidence, but honestly, I prefer my sleep.  Also, she is my second child, so I am not freaking out that she isn't eating three meals a day and snacks right now.
  • Has fallen asleep not nursing on a number of occasions.  Another way to put this is, "Crap.  She is obviously done nursing but isn't asleep.  Now what do I do?"  We end up doing a little song and dance number until she decides she is tired enough to fall asleep in her bed.  It is good for both of us to figure this out, although it is a pain.  This didn't happen until much later with Finn.
  • Loves the outdoors.  And when I say love, I mean this girl gets pissed off (there isn't really a more polite term for the face she gives me) if I open the door only to shut it again.  If I open a door, it better be to take her outside and for a good, long while.  She wants the wind in her hair and the sun on her face.
  • Finds small orange pumpkins to be terrifying.

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Angela said...

That post was great! The ending truly made me laugh! Gotta love it. Climbing crawling and all. Makenna also loves the outdoors! That's when she's the most happy. Crazy cousins...whatever will we do when it's freezing outside? :)


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