Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Unexpected at the Fair.

It was fair weekend around these parts:

These might seem like normal "three year old enjoying the fair" type pictures, but we were surprised by the events.  Last year, he was not at all interested in rides.  Rides were something to appreciate far, far away.  This year, however, he was very keen on experiencing the rides.  The interest, I think, was developed in large part by the somewhat frequent viewing of the Kipper the Dog episode where Kipper, Arnold, and Pig go to the fair.  But even though Finn was obviously interested, I thought that once he got on an actual ride and it started moving, he would freak out.  I have spent the last week calming him down from such things as suddenly descending projector screens and garage doors and unbalanced washing machines.  Sure, he might be able to sit on a small train ride, but a carousel that is moving both around and up and down?  I thought for sure he would go into sensory overload.  Instead, he enjoyed a jolly time.  He even went on a ride all by himself (!)--the little 4-wheel number as shown above.  I thought for sure he would panic after a bit, but no.  He had fun going around and around.

The day before, we drove to the fair to just look at the animals.  It was just the kids and I since Mr. F. had to work.  Finn refused to walk in the animal enclosures while just holding my hand.  He showed extreme distrust of the animals and feared the lack of distance between them and him.  Instead, I had to carry him in front while Enna hitched a ride in the Ergo on my back.  Carrying 50 extra pounds of kid is just too much.  I found the whole trip rather frustrating which is another reason why I was pleasantly surprised by the success of the rides on day two. 

However, just to keep us on our toes and to remind us that we can never take anything for granted, he did insist on being carried past the tractor exhibit.  Because stationary, green tractors that would fascinate him on any other occasion, are obviously not to be trusted.

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RFamily said...

I love the way you write - you have such a good sense of humor, and Mike is always asking me why I am cracking up.

So glad he (and you) had such a good time on Day 2.


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