Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our Independence Day Weekend

Do you want to see what we did on the Fourth?  Look here:

Oh wait.  There are no pictures.  I thought briefly about taking pictures of Finn and Mr. F. lighting snakes and little poppers, but then Enna was fussy and needed to be strapped onto my body and it was a swampy 90+ degrees outside, so I just headed back inside my air-conditioned house and went about keeping the chaos at bay. 

Since our children turn feral at 3 pm, are borderline apocalyptic at 6 pm, and passed out at 7 pm, we refrained from firework watching.  (Given my child's sensitivity to loud sounds, i.e. the food processor, vacuum, blender, etc., I don't think he would find them particularly enjoyable anyway.)  Instead, we grilled some hamburgers, made some homemade chocolate ice cream, set off a few tame fireworks, and called it good.  Finn watched as we froze the ice cream container, made the custard, let the custard chilled several hours, and then churned it.  He declared that making ice cream took a lot of work.  Yes, yes it does son.  And no, I won't be shattering that impression any time soon by drawing his attention to the ice cream isle in the grocery store where you can just select a flavor, take it home, and stuff your face with it in a matter of minutes.  We ended up making this recipe but used honey instead and upped the chocolate significantly.  We all ate some right before bed which showed shoddy parenting skills.  Both children had difficulty falling asleep--Finn right at bedtime, and Enna when the chocolate hit her some 8 hours later--you know, at 2 o'clock in the morning when I would do practically anything to be able to just fall back asleep and not entertain a wide-awake 4 month old.

I won't lie.  It was heaven to have a 4-day weekend.  I felt like we were able to get most things accomplished that needed to get done, which is never the case with the weekend.  There is always too much to do and not enough time.  If only all weeks were 3-day work weeks, huh?  (But still had the pay of a 5-day week). 

I know, you are all envious of our exciting, thrilling lifestyle.  I bet everyone wishes they could spend their holiday weekends at home, carrying on with business as usual.  As Mr. F. and I remind ourselves daily, THIS IS THE DREAM!  And we are living it!

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Mr. F said...

Surprise. I managed to snap a few shots with my phone.


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