Friday, July 12, 2013

5 Years

Mr. F. and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary today.  You might be shocked to know that we have absolutely nothing planned.  (Actually, you should not be shocked at all.)  It would be nice to have a dinner out with uninterrupted conversation to remind ourselves that we still like each other if 1: We could leave our kids (um, no luck with that yet.)  2: There was a nice restaurant remotely close to where we live (there is perhaps one option.)  3: Said nice restaurant was accommodating towards Celiacs.  So, that would be a negative.  Leftovers accompanied by screaming, feral children, anyone?

I did surprise myself by actually getting a gift for Mr. F.--a first.  (A nice set of salt and pepper grinders if you must know.)  But I gave it to him unwrapped (but still boxed in their original Amazon packaging) and without a card.  Because that is how I roll.  (Well, I did think about wrapping it, but then I would have had to wrap it with Finn helping me which meant that Finn would know what it was and then tell Mr. F. before it was completely unwrapped.  Ask me how I know this.)

In the spirit of the day, I will direct you to more romantic (but really not too romantic) posts on our brief courtship and proposal.  And then if you want to know what happened to bring us to our haggard, sleep-deprived selves of today, I direct you to all the posts marked under the tags Parenting, or Motherhood. 

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Carol said...

Happy Anniversary! (I loved your wedding pics at the time, and I still do. Lovely!)


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