Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013


Mr. F.  spent Father's Day being a father.  We noticed that Finn seemed a bit warm to the touch Saturday although he spent the day running about as usual--weekends involve lots of playtime with dad around here.  His temperature was 102-103 F.  Although he seemed more or less himself during the day, the night was disrupted.  Finn very sweetly requested that "dada" spend the whole night with him in his bed, and Mr. F. was up multiple times in the night taking care of our sick boy.

On Sunday, a couple of symptoms concerned us enough to call the doctor on call.  She suggested that we go to urgent care to have an analysis done to check out the most alarming of them.  The results were normal (thank goodness!) but the ordeal was stressful for us all.

Sick kids are the worst as a parent.  I get so anxious for them.  I want to take away all their pain and discomfort.  I want to soothe and protect them.  And sometimes there isn't much or anything that you can do. 

My little boy, who wants to be close to someone even when he watching his beloved Toot and Puddle.

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