Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I am going to ask you straight up: how often do you shave (or equivalent) your legs in the summer, and how does this not suck your will to live?

O.k.  So, I guess I don't have the best track record when it comes to what I consider extraneous grooming habits.  I bathe.  I use deodorant (homemade).  I wash my hair.  I brush my teeth.  These activities I consider necessary, and I find time in my day to accomplish them.  Then there are the extraneous activities: blow drying and styling my hair, applying makeup, shaving my legs.  At most, I can bring myself to do them once a week.  I have basically given up on the first two: styling hair and applying makeup, but as natural as I attempt to be, I can't all together give up shaving.  I have been blessed with light skin and dark, thick hair.  This is nice enough on my head, but not so nice when it comes to legs.

I keep thinking that I am missing out on a particular product or method that produces smooth legs without any effort on my part.  That must be the only reason that everyone else has smooth legs and I don't.  I can't really imagine a person being o.k. with shaving on a daily basis.  A recent conversation with a friend though pretty much dispelled this notion.  My shaving hangup is unique.  While most people don't look at it with enjoyment, they certainly don't actively avoid it like I do.

My name is Lady Susan, and I have a shaving problem.

When I lived in California for a little while, I waxed my legs on a regular basis.  The price was reasonable and it was a good solution for the time.  However the problem with waxing is that you need to grow your leg hairs out long enough to pull them out with the wax.  So for about a week or so, you walk around with some hairy legs.  I didn't really enjoy that.  Also, it seemed to defeat the whole purpose.  I have thought about having my legs waxed on a regular basis here, but.....look, I can't bother making and keeping a haircut appointment, so getting my legs waxed on a regular basis would be problematic at best.  I could do it at home, but that would involve toddlers and hot wax in the same vicinity, and that seems like a recipe for trouble.

My name is Lady Susan, and I have a waxing problem.

I could do a laser treatment, but that is even more of a time commitment.  Also, it is more money than I want to spend.

My name is Lady Susan.  Let's face it--I just have a problem.

Am I the only one out there with an aversion to leg grooming?  Is there a magic bullet that I am missing?  I am considering moving to the frozen North where leg shaving is a moot point.


heidikins said...

I shave my legs almost every day. If it's more than 36 hours between shaving I actually have a hard time falling asleep...the pricklies keep me awake. I don't think I'm on the "normal" end of the spectrum when it comes to shaving though, I think I'm a bit, well, of an outlier. I shave my legs and my armpits every day, cold weather or hot weather, whether I'm wearing jeans or a skirt, no matter what. It only takes me a minute or two per leg and I do it while my conditioner soaks in.


RFamily said...

Every couple of days/when I notice. I do a poor/quick job, but a. have lighter hair/darker skin and b. don't notice/care too much.

Justine Cricks said...

Hi, Lady Susan! Don't feel bad about your problem with waxing your legs. Before, I also thought that I can't wax at home with the kids around. What I did was to wait after they've fallen asleep to wax comfortably. It's just a matter of time management – at least in my case. I know there are waxing kits that are easy and convenient to use at home. That's a good place to start if you want to address your dilemma.

-Justine Cricks


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