Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Saving Grace

Finn turned three at the end of March.   We were caught a bit unprepared.  I blame the fact that I had just given birth.  (Albeit a month prior.)  Thank goodness for the internet and online shopping, or else poor Finn might not have had any gifts.  We also had a visitor who saved the day--one of my best friends from college who was in the neighborhood for a workshop--Auntie Yola.


I came down to this cute scene above plus a homemade banner above the couch which read "Happy 3rd Birthday [Finn]!"  I thought, "Crap!  Mr. F. proves that he is the better parent once again."  (Or maybe I just thought that it is was a good thing he was more prepared than I.)  But then I noticed that it wasn't his handwriting on the banner--it was Yola's.  Yeah for visiting Aunties who raise birthdays above ghetto standards!  (And of course, Mr. F. on coming down the stairs said, "what a good mom to make such a fun surprise."  Ha ha ha ha ha!  No Honey, it wasn't me!  It was the guest who twiddled her thumbs in boredom while we went to bed at 7pm.)

But there were presents!  And the boy was happy!  Proof!
The favorite gift of the day, was an old camera of Mr. F.'s that we were about ready to give away.  It lasted about a week before the poor battery that extended the lens every time the camera turned on could no longer support the 31 pound weight placed on it repeatedly.  We collected a number of pictures from it though.  I might share some of my favorites later.


 I even made a birthday cake.  (Still harbor guilt over that cake-less first birthday.)


So yeah.  I think we squeaked by pretty respectfully on the birthday front.  But then......Easter was less than a week later.  And although I had purchased a few items for an Easter basket, when it came to Easter eve, and it was time to put everything together......I was just done.  I just didn't have it in me to assemble a basket, and I told Mr. F. so.  I was prepared to have Easter be a wash--even to declaring it in my Facebook status.

But lo, on the morn, what did I discover but an Easter basket prepared for my son, complete with treats and presents!  There were also wooden eggs hidden around the house to find.  This time, Mr. F. saved the day, and I declared him Awesome.  He even made a paper bunny box to put into the Easter basket to hold treats.  (The only "treats" being in the house were a Kind bar and a Larabar but Finn thought he hit the jackpot.)  Awesome, right?  This is obviously why people get married--to have someone make up for one's shortcomings.  His efforts ended up being way cooler than what I would have done.  I wouldn't have thought to hide the eggs, nor would I have printed out and created a cute Easter treat box.

Bunny Box

Isn't this an example of Grace?  Having others help you complete something that you yourself cannot do on your own?  Thank Heaven for wonderful friends and family!

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Carol said...

Fun celebrations! (and wonderful pictures of said celebrations) The cake looks delicious, and despite your protestations to the contrary, it sounds like you were involved in helping make both festive events fun for Finn.

And I completely agree that it's nice to have support in one's parenting efforts. I know I need it! (and much appreciate it too)


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