Wednesday, April 24, 2013

March Dinners

The last one I did of these was in November.  Has it really been that long?  We will ignore the fact that April is nearing a close and talk about what I ate in March.

I have decided that I am only going to link to those recipes that I haven't linked to before.  So, if you see something on the calendar, but it isn't down below, it is because I have linked to it in other post. 

Stovetop macaroni and cheese --an Alton Brown recipe.  Good and quick.

Black beans with roasted tomatoes and feta--This is posted as a salad, but I thought it might be a good main dish.  I added some sauteed chicken.  It was o.k.  I liked it well enough but Mr. F. wasn't a fan.  (He doesn't like roasted tomatoes as they just melt leaving the skin behind.)

Faux pho --I don't add the allspice or the Chinese five spice as I don't like them.  Then I add some cilantro at the end.  I add the meat with some rice noodles, broth, and some julienned zucchini and carrots.

Tomato soup with spinach and artichoke grilled cheese--This is a really easy cream of tomato soup.  However, I do not like using fire-roasted tomatoes as suggested, nor do I add the pinch of cloves.  I don't care for subtlety in my tomato soup.  I was going to do regular grilled cheese, but I stumbled across the above recipe and happened to have spinach and artichokes to use up (the stars were aligned in other words).  I might have to keep those ingredients on hand, because they were tasty.  Too bad I can't eat sourdough, because I am sure that would have taken the sandwich to a whole other level of awesome.

Meatballs in tomato sauce --These were good, but a bit hard to determine when the insides were done.  I think I might prefer to bake meatballs in the oven and then pour sauce over them--so you know, do a completely different dish.

Baked macaroni and cheese --O.k. this recipe is out of control when it comes to the diary: a pound of cheese, a pound of cottage cheese, a pound of sour cream.  Lardy, lardy, right?  But I don't care.  It tastes pretty good so I will continue to make it.

Stir fry with pork, broccoli, and cashews--a tasty stir fry that I have had in my arsenal for forever.

Chicken and wild rice casserole--I never grew up eating this, but I feel like I should have.  It has that sort of feel to it.  Don't worry, it doesn't use cream of chicken soup or anything.  I don't use quick cooking wild rice like it calls for.  I use the real thing that takes 40-45 minutes to cook.  However, I have a rice cooker, so that doesn't bother me.
Lasagna--This is the best quick/cheater's lasagna.  The kind that you eat when you are in the mood, but you don't want it to take all day.  I am a big fan of using cottage cheese vs. ricotta in lasagna.  Also, my favorite gluten-free pasta brand, Jovial, has come out with lasagna and egg noodles!  They are really good.  You can order them from their site.

Curry in a hurry --I really like this.  I use broccoli and zucchini and frozen peas though in my version.  Not to mention, homemade or can/boxed broth vs. bouillon.  However, depending on the curry paste you use, this can be really spicy.  The first time I made it, I used only 1T (keeping in mind my toddler).  It was just about the right spiciness for me (and way too spicy for Finn.)  Second time, I used just a teaspoon.  Still too much heat for Finn.  So, yeah.  Take precautions.

Slow-cooker garlic chicken -- I can't really remember this dish, which meant that it wasn't bad, but it wasn't phenomenal.  I will probably make it again, because I always need decent slow-cooker recipes.

Citrus glazed chicken thighs --Another oldie but goodie from CookingLight.

Creamy chicken with noodles --I liked this (but it made a TON).  Mr. F. has issues with citrus in savory dishes so he was unenthusiastic.  Whatever.  And Finn was....finicky.  (I try to keep in mind that toddler taste buds are not to be relied upon.)  Will try it again--but will cut it in half.

White chicken chili --This is a pretty decent version that comes together quick.  Of course, Finn doesn't really like anything "spicy," so I left out the chiles.  So it ends up being "creamy chicken soup with beans."

Black bean patties --I had made these once before, and I remember liking them.  However, this time I found them sort of "meh".  (Of course I made a double batch too, so now I have some languishing in the freezer.)  They hold together really well, and aren't too dry......I don't know.

Mexican rice and quesadillas --This was for Finn's birthday dinner.  I was going to make the tortillas, but I ran out of time and will to live, so bought some rice ones at the store.  The same with the refried beans.  The rice that I did make from scratch?  He didn't eat.

Slow-cooker pot roast --  A Cook's Illustrated recipe that I can't find online.  It isn't too much quicker than a regular pot roast since they have you brown the meat and vegetables.  I guess you make it if you want to have it cook longer than the normal three hours that a regular roast takes.
Chicken and artichokes -- This is super tasty and quick.  I have already made it quite a few times since stumbling upon it as I browse the web looking for inspiration.

O.k.  So that is what I have to offer you.  Any new recipes or great tried and trues that you would like to share?

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RFamily said...

I appreciate you posting these! Since I think I have liked every recipe of yours I have ever tried, I plan to attempt a few of these.

I find myself making this turkey/veggie chili often:

And this is the chicken salad I was telling you about - scroll down and ignore the language. While there were consistency issues, I find myself wanting to try it again.


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