Monday, April 29, 2013

Book Speak

Finn refers to himself in the third person 90% of the time: "Finn already told you no," and "Finn wants a treat."  He speaks so no doubt because we, his parents, often refer to ourselves in the third person: "Do you want to help mommy with the laundry?"  "Kisses make mommy happy."  You get the idea. 

Finn has taken this a step further.  He now adds on a narrative statement of who spoke (but only for himself. which is, of course, obvious.  I, however, don't question the mind of a three year old.)  Below are some examples.  Take note that he says the entire phrase.

"'Catch mommy!' said Finn"
"'Argghoggle!' yelled Finn in a funny voice"
"'I want to go to library' said Finn with an accusing claw"--(that last bit is taken straight from a favorite book, "A Birthday For Bear")
"I want a smoothie" explained Finn

It is hilarious and a little crazy at the same time.  I mean, only a three year old can get away with speaking like this and still be thought more or less normal.  (I think the point to be made here is that a three year old isn't rational so one doesn't really expect rational behavior.)

Of course he speaks more often like this when he is crazed or naughty.  Had he a higher level of reasoning, I would suspect him speaking so in order to later make the argument that he was only "quoting" and therefore any statement was perfectly acceptable.  But, he is a three year old after all.  I still have a few years before that level of naughtiness.  In any case, Mr. F. has changed his nickname from Little Dictator to The Narrator.  It fits.

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yola said...

Love it! said Auntie Yola.

ps: my sister is sending my niece to a Waldorf pre-school this fall that does not read books. The full explanation of their philosophy sounds cool, but at the same time my librarian self is slightly appalled that there is no book reading in school. She will of course continue to read a ton at home and the library, but still.


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