Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pregnancy 2 Review

Pounds Gained: 35
Symptoms: All the same as last time, plus a crazy pregnancy-induced insomnia which made it so difficult to fall asleep at night, despite my exhaustion.
Cravings:  At one point, I thought I could maintain GAPS or at least some low carbohydrate diet, but that wasn't the case.  In my first trimester, I really only wanted to eat simple starches.  Later, in the pregnancy, I would fix low-carb meals but find myself really craving bread/crackers/etc. later in the evening to "fill up."  I think my body really needed the quick energy they give.  I did keep my diet low in sugar.  There are two thoughts regarding baby weight that I have heard from various midwives.  One is that protein beefs-up babies, the other is that sugar makes large babies.  I would say that this pregnancy was high in protein and low in sugar intake.  The result was a smaller baby.  However, that could be a fluke of genetics too.  One data point is not enough to make an argument either way.
Crazy Meltdowns: Too many to count.  This pregnancy did not treat me well when it came to my mental health.  Later, after the birth, I was looking up postpartum depression information and was startled to find that a lot of the sign/symptoms were ones that I experienced my last trimester.  It shocked me a bit.  You hear about postpartum depression--enough to be on the lookout for it.  However, I hadn't heard of anyone suffering from depression during pregnancy until a friend mentioned it.  Apparently, it is just as common as postpartum depression.  There is also no useful information about how to manage depression during or post-pregnancy.  Some sites state to "have your medications on hand and take them preemptively."  Well, that only works if you actually have been diagnosed before with depression and have said medications on hand.  (And those medications probably aren't exactly safe to take if you are suffering during pregnancy).  Another tidbit of wisdom: "have a support system in place."  What does that even mean?  The only support system I had in place was Mr. F. who occasionally took time off of work when he saw that I was on the verge of crazy.  I don't have people on speed dial who can drop everything and take over when I am on the verge of loosing it.  The only people to whom that suggestion might apply are those who live close to family.  I did mention my difficulties to my health care provider at the time, and I got "well, that is typical to feel that way."  People just assume that what you are describing is the normal, third-trimester "I am so done with being pregnant."  Not "I am loosing my mind, and I can't even keep it together for a day."  I was physically, mentally, emotionally TAPPED OUT.

So yeah.  That was my pregnancy.  Can I just say that I am so glad that I am not pregnant right now?  Mentally and physically, I am so much better.  I say a small prayer of thanks for my non-pregnant state every time I lie down to sleep--and I can fall asleep!  This is key when you have to fall asleep at random times of the day to maximize your newborn's sleep schedule.  Also, I am not writhing around in a state of discomfort when I am in bed trying to sleep.  Sleep has become enjoyable once again.  I am trying to be a bit proactive with regards to my mental state since I do not want to revisit that third trimester.  I am going to sleep with my toddler and newborn at the obscenely early hour of 7 pm so that I can get enough sleep during the night.  I am also trying to be mindful of my nutrition, and once I get cleared, I think I will have to make exercise a priority.  (Although trying to find a time that works is practically impossible).  So far, so good.      


Janssen said...

so glad things are looking up! I'm still working to fit exercise back in - it's tough!

Nemesis said...

I have friends who consistently experience depression during pregnancy and have things worked out with their doctor so the drugs are ready to go as soon as they start having symptoms. It sounds really, really suck and I am sorry.


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