Saturday, March 16, 2013

One Month Check-In

Hey!  Just popping in to say hi!  The schedule around these parts is currently crazy.  Like more than your normal, I-just-had-a-baby-crazy.

A glimpse of our life right now:

Family bedtime is 7 pm.  Mr. F. puts Finn to sleep and then falls asleep himself.  (Not on purpose, necessarily, but it is just what happens.)  I put baby girl to bed and fall asleep myself.  During the night, both Mr. F. and I are awoken numerous times by our respective children; and the day starts at 5 am when I wake Mr. F. up so he can get ready for work.  Shortly after, Finn senses the lack of a warm body to snuggle up next to and trots into my room and bed.  If I am lucky, he falls back asleep.  Baby Girl wakes up around that time as well for another feeding.  Best case scenario is that she wakes up before Finn comes into the room, or she basically ensures that he doesn't go back to sleep.  In any case, we are almost always up and about by 6:30 am.  Of course I don't have any time to myself during the day (*cue maniacal laughter*) so there is no blogging to be done then.  Mr. F. and I attempt to update each other on our days during the two crazy hours we have together while we also try to feed our children and get ready for bed.

So much fun! And so not sustainable!

I have decided on a screen name for baby girl: Enna.  I like the name, and it fits well with Finn.  (I have a partiality towards double Ns.)  Here are some 1-month pictures that I managed to take amidst the craziness.

Sleeping 1

One Month


Jaimee said...

I do not envy you this chaos, but oh, how I know it well! The newborn period is so, so tough. It will get better and quickly as she grows and you recover from pregnancy and birth. Plus, Finn will be 3 soon and easier to distract with other activities. There are some things you might be able to get him involved with now like swim lessons through the park district, sport classes through the YMCA, and summer camps. We have two here that take 3 year olds! ((HUGS)) mama, these times are challenging.

But she's oh so cute!! I can't believe the difference between the 2 of them! He's so fair haired and she's so dark haired.

Janssen said...

What a little sweetheart! hope things get less chaotic soon.


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