Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 in Review: Posts

I wrote 70 posts this year.  This is up from the 40 posts of last year.  Go me!  The increase in posting was mostly due to some set content.  I did the photography challenge for a bit which guaranteed a  weekly posting while I participated.  Then I have pregnancy updates and the monthly menus.  While I like having that content, it isn't my favorite content.  My favorite posts are ones where I have actual thoughts and opinions.  I find that those kind of posts are few and far between these days.  Part of the problem is that 1) I am not surrounding myself with thought-provoking stimuli.  I miss working for this aspect alone.  I would converse about a number of different subjects science related and non when I worked at the biological lab.  Now, I don't have adult conversation.  Definitely not uninterrupted adult conversation.  And even then, it revolves around parenting and children.  I don't know how to successfully change that.  Any thoughts?  2)  I just don't have time to think.  I have a child continuously asking if "Santa is up?" "Santa put away?" "Paint?" "Color?" "Read books?" "Play?" "Have Snack?" "Have treat?" "Go places?" "Stay home?"  Can anyone think under constant toddler interrogation?

So yeah.  I feel limited in my ability and situation to piece together meaningful thoughts.  Yet, it did happen.  At least four times.  (There were a few more, but not many).

How Lazy are We?--I still find myself thinking about this idea of convenience and food.  As someone who has to fix almost everything from scratch (hello!  Tortillas!), I dream about being able to just easily buy something already made.  And then I shun myself for having that thought.

On the Path of Parenthood--thoughts about self-sacrifice and parenting.  Again, this is something I struggle with on a daily basis.  Is there a balance to be made?  Or is this a time where I just sacrifice much of myself?

Anne- vs. Laura-Girl--the ultimate question, I think.  With whom do you most identify?

28 Months--about weaning Finn.  I am so glad that it worked out the way it did.       

I don't know what 2013 will bring.  We will be adding a new addition to our family, and I have no idea how little girl might rock the boat.  I hope that in some respect, it will be easier.  Easier, because I am already a parent, and I know what that means now.  My goals for 2013 are understandable vague because of this uncertainty.  I would like some time for creative thought (and picture taking).  I would like to have the energy and wherewithal to make things happen.  Things being family trips, home improvements, socializing, etc.  I spent a lot of Finn's first year feeling defeated and overwhelmed by life in general.  I don't know whether that was a bit of PPD, sleep deprivation, my body being strapped nutritionally, or something else altogether.  I just hope I don't experience the same this time around.  I want to be more present.

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