Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 in Review: New Recipes

All pictures from original recipe source (links below)

Since this is the first year that I have tracked our dinner menus for the entire year, I thought I would pick out my favorite new recipes.  Of course, for half the year, we were doing GAPS so that either meant no yummy new recipes or meat-based recipes.  Some of these aren't life-changing fabulous, but are convenient and tasty enough to make it into regular rotation.  Because honestly, that is what I am looking for these days in a recipe: something fairly easy, tasty, and something my whole family will enjoy. 

In no particular order:

Braised French Onion Chicken.  This is a bit more effort, but I really do love the caramelized onions in here.   

Braised Beef Stroganoff. A solid stroganoff recipe with the added benefit of using up stew meat.  We have so much stew meat from our 1/2 cow, and often I have no idea what to do with it besides making stew or carnitas.

Pork Souvlaki.  Love this.  Super easy.  Tastes great with tzatziki sauce. 

Spinoccoli Pizza.  I have made this a handful of times already.  Yummy pizza.

Mexican Chicken Salad.  Granted, my family did not like this.  I loved it however, so I see myself repeating it occasionally.
Lemon Chicken.  Sometimes you look at Ina's recipes and think, "Ina are you crazy with your 5 lemons and your 20 cloves of garlic?" (Or something like that), but then you make it and you realize that you were the crazy one for doubting.  This is an easy dish with a lot of flavor.
Gluten-Free Tortillas.  Because Mr. F. is allergic to corn, we can't really use the normal gluten-free tortilla option of corn tortillas.  I have tried the rice ones available at the store and just haven't been impressed.  These have been a great option.  I have made them a few times so I have refined the process and it isn't too tedious to whip these out for a soft taco dinner.  I even made a larger batch this last time so I could have some for enchiladas.
Hawaiian Haystacks.  This is an example of a non-life changing recipe that I can see making on a regular basis.  It is a very family friendly, customizable recipe that doesn't use cream of crap soup.

Southwestern Pizza. A nice pizza variation.

Quiche Loraine.  This is like breakfast pie with the ham, eggs, and hashbrowns (for a crust) all mixed into one dish.  I love it and have made it a few times now.
Spaghetti with Broccoli Cream Pesto. Broccoli, cream, and pasta?  What isn't there to like about this dish?

Enchilada Bake.  Again, nothing too exciting, but all ingredients that my toddler loves: chicken, beans, rice and cheese.  For the win!

Chicken Plov.  It was nice to taste a little bit of Ukraine again.  Plus, it is fairly easy.

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