Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in Review: Favorite Books

So this is the first of my 2012 in review posts.  I did a set of these last year and enjoyed looking back on my favorite books, posts, pictures, and recipes (added this year). 

I read 52 books this year which is up from the 42 I read last year.  This either means more free-time for reading or more time spent trying to get my child to sleep.  Most likely, it is the latter. Audio books paired with wireless earphones and an ipod are a Godsend for those parents whose child is not an amazing sleeper.  It is the only way I have kept my sanity.

So here is my list in no particular order:

Unbroken.  The best book of the year, or at least top two or three.  The story is simply amazing--even more so because it is true.

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore.  This was so pop culture geeky; I just loved it.  Completely clean, funny, and quirky.  I had no idea what to expect when I started reading it, and it took me by surprise by being so enjoyable.

The Agency Series.  O.k. So this isn't high literature.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this series (3 in all).  It is completely unbelievable: a woman's spy agency in Victorian England, but if you can suspend your disbelief, they are really fun stories.

Happier at Home.  Gretchen Rubin inspires me to embrace who I am as a person while also stretching myself to accomplish more and getting more out of life.  I find myself thinking about ideas and concepts in her books.
The Distant Hours.  I really like Kate Morton.  She does an excellent job at weaving together past and present to tell an engrossing story.  The ending of this one took me by surprise.  I got close to figuring out what happened, but missed some key details.

French Kids Eat Everything.  This book was sort of life-changing.  I think everyone with children should read this book, because I think the eating habits would change significantly for the better.  And the suggested changes, aren't big ones--just simple things like no snacking and introducing vegetables when children are the hungriest and most likely to try and enjoy them.

Quiet.  This book validated me as a person.  There is no sparsity of evidence that extroverts are useful in our society.  However, little is said about the contributions of introverts.  Having a whole book full of examples was extremely refreshing.

Scorpio Races.  Loved this book.  I was so sad when it ended.  The audio production was outstanding as well.  A huge surprise as I couldn't stand her previous series.

Curveball.  Just really good contemporary YA fiction.

The Night Circus.  I think you either love or hate this book.  In any case, this is not a fast paced, action driven book.  If that is what you are in the mood for or like, this is not the book for you.  But if you love description and character development and beautiful imagery.  Then you will like it.  It is a perfect sort of book for whittling the time away while your child attempts to fall asleep.

Split.  A book I would have passed up given the topic, but which I read because of all the rave reviews.  Seriously a good book.  So well written.

Code Name Verity.  Just finished this book--as in just a few minutes ago.  Man.  I love this book.  So many good things to write about.  I loved the friendship.  I loved how I thought I was reading one book but 2/3 into it, I realized that I was reading a different story.  The audio production was excellent because of course I could indulge myself in a Scottish accent.


Janssen said...

This is a GREAT list. I need to read The Night Circus. . .

NGS said...

Split is totally on my list too! I loved The Night Circus, too, but I read so many great books this year that I couldn't put it on my list. And I'm happy that four more of the books you listed on already on my library list! Yay!

MBC said...

I love lists like this. Thanks! (The Night Circus is one of my favorites.)


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