Sunday, December 16, 2012

The midgets in our house

We tell a lot of midget jokes at our house.  This is a fairly recent phenomenon and not meant to intentionally disparage those persons who are vertically challenged.

Finn pronounces "minutes" as "midgets."  Multiple times a day he will say things like: "I'll be back in five midgets."  "We will get a new minivan in five midgets."  "Is Daddy going to be home in one midget?" So, Mr. F. and I have had multiple conversations about these midgets running around and taking up room in our minivan.

It is so stinking cute, and I really hoped he would mispronounce "minute" for a long, long time.  However, I can already tell that the word is evolving into something closer to the actual word.  Pretty soon the midgets will only be a figment of our memories.      


Jaimee said...

Yes, mispronounciations are so cute! Avalon used to say "ephalant" for elephant and we hoped it would stay for a while, but it's long gone.

Carol said...

I love mispronunciations. And your midgets are adorable. :) I'm so glad you recorded it so we can enjoy it too, and so you can remember it in a few years.


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