Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The gift that just keeps on giving

A few of our neighbors put up inflatable Christmas lawn decorations.  At first, I thought they were great because Finn was so entranced by them.  The novelty of having one's kid entranced though soon wore off (after day 3 or so), because Finn had to keep constant tabs on them throughout the day--each and every day.  We had to look out the window first thing in the morning to see if they were still up.  If they were, Finn would request that we take a walk to see them.  Every time we left the house in the car, we needed to drive by the decorations and comment on them.  (Were they down?  If so, when would they be up?  They were up?  Yeah!)  Often an afternoon walk would be requested.  For the most part, the decorations were down during the day, so Finn would check periodically at the window as evening progressed to see if they were "blown up yet."  Dinner was interrupted so that he could run to the window and check.  As soon as they were inflated, a request was made to go take a walk while it was dark to see them.  We would bundle him up and as part of the uniform, we included a headlamp and flashlight.

It has been fun to see him so excited but......I am sort of ready for them to be done.  One set of decorations has already been put away: a snow globe showing Santa in his sleigh, a stand-alone Santa, and a snowman.  This has left:

The Penguins!

Malfunctioning Santa
Santa in his RV!  At this point in the season, he was malfunctioning and no longer opening and closing his door.

I am hoping they don't stay around too much longer despite my enjoyment at seeing this guy so thrilled.

Early morning chatter
Earnestly discussing the decorations.

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Carol said...

Isn't it fun how much they enjoy Christmas decorations? And isn't it nice when they come down til next season? I love the look on Finn's face: it's priceless.

Martin this year has kept asking why _everyone_ in town has outdoor decorations and we don't. I told him so that we could enjoy them. I don't know if I'm up to putting them out. (and we have a neighbor who goes ALL out...there's no way we could keep up)

So again, hooray for other people putting up decorations, so our kids can enjoy them.


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