Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Stockings

So, I had a brief period of nesting back in the second trimester.  (It has gone, along with my ability to move.)  One thing I absolutely needed to do was to make matching Christmas stockings for our family.  Last year, I assembled a hodge podge of stockings: my stocking growing up, one made for me by my sister's mother-in-law, and one acquired from my sister.  However, it annoyed me that they weren't all the same, or even remotely similar.

I really love the look of these stockings from Garnet Hill.  However, I didn't love the original $58 price tag.  I thought something bright, graphic, and fun would be perfect for kid stockings growing up.  
Hable Christmas Stockings

My sister's mother-in-law makes felt stockings too for family and close friends.  Here is one that she made for me when she learned I would be spending Christmas with my sister a few years ago.  (Cuff folded over to protect the innocent.)

The original stocking inspiration

The stockings she makes are varied--one will have a bells and holly, another a caroler, another a Christmas tree, etc.  After doing extensive internet searching to find a pattern for something similar, I just emailed her and asked her for what she uses.  She quickly sent me a stocking pattern and a set of drawings that I could choose from.

But then, I had to decide how to construct the thing.  Although I like the look of felt, I would want to use actual wool felt (being sort of snob-ish that way) and that would be expensive.  Also, I liked the idea of them being washable.  So, I went with an all-cotton stocking.  And, because I was doing applique (for the first time!), I wanted it lined and I had no idea how to go about it.  Luckily, I found an awesome tutorial online which helped enormously with the actual stocking construction.

And then I had to figure out the whole applique process, since I was clueless in that regard, too.  (Youtube.  Gotta love it.)  After watching some tutorials, I decided to do a blanket stitch vs. a sateen stitch to save me some time and sanity.   Turns out though that my machine doesn't have blanket stitch.  So, I played around with the various stitch options until I found something that I thought would work.

Are you bored yet?

Here is the final product:

The finished family stockings

I am fairly happy with how they turned out.  Although, I realize that we are in trouble if we have another child, because I don't have enough fabric to make another stocking.  He/She will just be like all other youngest children--completely disenfranchised.  I probably won't even both with a stocking for him/her--he/she will just be stockingless. 

(In case you didn't know, I am the youngest child.  I know what I am talking about.)

We will cross that bridge if and when we need to.  In the meantime, I can breathe a sigh of relief.  Christmas can come.  The matching stockings are finished--even the one for baby girl who won't even be here to enjoy it.  I would start attacking other nesting projects (Like the closets!!! OMG! The closets!) but that requires moving, and I am finding that difficult these days.  It is so much easier to just sit and not wheeze about. 

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NGS said...

My MIL still puts up the stockings that her kids had when they were little. She had 5 kids and you can see them progressively get smaller and less intricate. The oldest child has a hand sewn Santa with glitter and sequins and by the youngest child has a stocking so small I'd be surprised if you could fit a toothbrush in it and it just has her name written on in marker.

I can never tell if those stocking are hilarious or sad.


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