Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Advent

I didn't have plans to do any advent calendar/activities this year.  Eventually, I would like to make a felt/fabric advent calendar (something similar to this perhaps?) since we had one growing up and thinking about it makes me nostalgic.  I also like the idea of having advent activities--something fun to do each day.  Putting that into practice though is a logistical stumbling block for me--coming up with age appropriate ideas, implementing ideas, being flexible with plans, etc.  I really felt that it was beyond my abilities to do this year.  In general, I find doing crafts and projects with my son rather stressful (although he LOVES them.) 

I love Janssen's idea of doing "a Christmas book a day" where you place a wrapped book underneath the tree and then you read it the next day.  As this activity takes some prep work in terms of requesting the books from the library, etc., we didn't do it this year.  Instead, I just requested from the library a number of books from the list, and we read them as they came in.  The problem with this method is that you read all the books endlessly for about a week or two, and then your child (or at least Finn) looses interest.  I think there is something to be said for having a new book to read every day. 

So yeah.  Advent wasn't happening this year if left up to me, and I was more or less o.k. with that since I have come to terms with the fact that I am not a super fun mom.  However, I am (thankfully!) not flying this parenting gig solo.  Mr. F. came home on the 30th of November all excited about making paper pyramids for Finn and filling them with stickers, a few pieces of chocolate, and some dried fruit.  (Another example of why I think Mr. F. would be the better stay-at-home-parent).

Advent calendar

Mr. F. printed out the template on holiday card stock, cut out, folded, and filled the little pyramids every night.  Finn LOVED this.  Every morning he would race downstairs to find "the little hat" as he called it and bring it upstairs to open it next to me in bed.  Mr. F. missed one day, and Finn was very, very sad.  We have been trying to prep him for the disappearance of the hats come the 26, but I am not sure the message has been received.  I perceive a very sad day come Wednesday.

The Advent hats were so successful that I think we will need to make them a yearly occurrence.  The simple pleasure and happiness that it brought Finn every morning, made up for any hassle on our part.  

So do you do any Advent activities growing up?  Do you do them in your families currently?

Merry Christmas Eve!

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